Cover for The Bow Drill Fire

The Bow Drill Fire
by James Black

Review at the Wilds of Manitoba site.

Why not just use matches or a lighter to make a fire?

Why should we choose to learn or use the friction fire methods? Well, lighters and matches get lost, they can run out, or get wet, in which case knowing how to create a fire from scratch is a handy thing. As well, when you learn this it gives you the most remarkable feeling of accomplishment. It is really hard to explain but to take what you have learned, gather what you need and make a fire from scratch gives you a sense of freedom and self-sufficiency.

James Black shares his considerable experience from survival experience, courses, and military training to simplify and explain how to bring fire from the materials in the wild.

He has lived across Canada from Nova Scotia to British Columbia and as far north as Yellowknife in the North West Territories, and travelled through Norway, the United States, and Mexico. Currently living near White River in Northern Ontario, he is back in his favourite environment.

ISBN: 1-896331-51-3 or 9781896331515 | WMPub# 1021 | 5½" x 8½"
48 page chapbook | step-by-step photo illustrations | $8.95 CDN