Just Passing Through ~ The People and the Places North of Matachewanavailable as an E Book here

Just Passing Through
~The People and the Places
North of Matachewan
by Frank Holley

Frank Holley shares his memories of his time in the Matachewan area with the prospectors, trappers, and traders from late 1920s to the 1950s, when the area was scouted for mineral wealth, and people living in the bush lived off the land, a 'long' way from settled parts. With the re-opening of the Young-Davidson mine, other mineral deposits Frank mentions may be of interest, as well as his warm stories about the people who shared his time in this Northern Ontario bush.

Frank Holley -2004 at the Frank Holley Trail

Additional maps, additional text and a preface from Frank Holley for this 2010 edition make this an excellent collection to capture the history of the people and the places near and north of Matachewan.

Easily read, and warmly-told stories of his personal experiences with the unique collection of prospector, fur-trappers, and denizens of the Matachewan area through the 1940s and 1950s. The areas of mineral occurences he catalogues here seems almost prophetic now in light of the re-opening of the Young-Davidson mine he discusses [2010].

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Table of Contents

Matachewan area

4 Foreword

4 Preface to the 2010 Edition

5 Acknowledgments

7 Chapter 1    The Time- The Place

7 Chapter 2     The River

18 Chapter 3    Fort Matachewan

29 Chapter 4    Thesaurus Gold Mine

41 Chapter 5    The Power Lines

45 Chapter 6    Head of the Lake

51 Chapter 7    More Water Routes

62 Chapter 8    Mineral Occurrences

70 Chapter 9    Some People

79 Chapter 10    Hugh Millar Kell

83 Chapter 11    Old Time Prospectors

Floating Bridge on the Ashley Road

87 Chapter 12    Sam Kell

91 Chapter 13    Assessment Work

92 Chapter 14    Sharpening Steel

93 Chapter 15    Drilling Rock

96 Chapter 16    Loading and Blasting

100 Chapter 17    More People and Places

107 Chapter 18    Fish and Game

117 Chapter 19    Getting Lost

Central Matachewan circa 1940s and 1950s

120 Chapter 20    Cabins and Trails

126 Chapter 21    Nighthawk

128 Chapter 22    Conclusion