cover The Ink of Light

The Ink of Light
Patricia Abram

The Ink of Light follows a journey of meditations, exploring the language of light through the imagery of the natural world, a lover speaking with her Beloved, women bearing witness to the light, and finally as reflections on the body of the world as seen through family. Patricia AbramThese poems speak to the mystical, seeing the sacred in the ordinary and opening the eye of perception.

In 1995 Patricia Abram served as a co-editor of Brock University's literary journal The Harpweaver, and as poetry editor in 1996 and 1997. Her poetry has been published in Canadian literary journals, including The Fiddlehead, The Antigonish Review, Contemporary Verse 2, and Fireweed, as well as the anthologies Close to Heart (English Garden Publishers, 1996), and Vintage 96 (Quarry Press, 1997). Her fiction has been published in an anthology of short stories titled Two Lands: New Visions (Coteau Books, 1998).

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Glimpses catch her
in quiet movements,
wind peeling back the leaves,
tongues of poplar yellow in fall

They come as slices of sunlight
across pine needles -- a bed of soft rust
They flash as orange in
branches pencil-thin against
blue -- a contrast in palette

These perfect movements that
open the eye
shift the landscape
and let the veil of leaves drop
like gold rain

But the wind dies
and she thinks in her mind
has caught her in play
created sight where there is no meaning
and she allows the veil to cover the ground
while she walks, brushing aside these glimpses
as though they were dead leaves

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