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Spiritual Survival
Selected Bahá'í Writings Concerning Tests and Difficulties

Compiled and indexed by Jonathan Dixon, this compilation was originally used as the basis for a course at Sylvan Lake Bahá'í School (Alberta, Canada) in 1979. This compilation has been refined by time, exhaustive research and many years of practical application.

"This compilation is by no means comprehensive. Many quotations were not included because to include everything on this topic would result in a massive work. This compilation is, however, a thorough selection of what I believe are the most relevant quotations."

Jonathan Dixon

Incredible index. [Show me the index!]

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What people are saying about Spiritual Survival

"This compilation is a complete resource for anyone dealing with tests and difficulties and working on personal transformation."

Tim Locke

"This superb compilation became my lifeboat on two different occasions within the span of 12 years. No doubt the real gems here are the Bahá'í Writings and the inspiration they provide. However, the sequencing and presentation make it easier for the reader. Delighted and in awe each time I read it."

Sia Samimi

"This is one of those books I would want if stranded on a deserted island. It definitely is a `survival' book! I have found the readings a great comfort and support. I continue to give it as a present because it is such a valuable reference. Highly recommended!

Terrie Ball

"The topics included in the compilation are relevant to my struggles and those of many other Bahá'ís I'm sure. There is a unique selection of Writings to study, both independently or as a group. I had never come across some of the selections before."

Rosemary Graham

"The reader is shown just how holistic the Bahá'í Writings are by being presented with a comprehensively integrated approach to the understanding of tests and difficulties in all aspects of human life. First rate!"

Robert Nowak

"Spiritual Survival has proved to be a lifeline for both myself and my friends during times of crisis. I have felt no hesitation to give the compilation to friends and family members, whatever their faith, as encouragement and assistance during times of difficulties in their lives."

Sheila Hart

"Within an hour of purchasing my first copy of this compilation, I had to give it to a friend who begged me to `borrow' it. Needless to say, I never got it back and have since purchased several copies and distributed them to Bahá'í and non-Bahá'í friends alike.

"It is a magnificent assemblage of pertinent quotes from the Bahá'í Writings on a topic which affects all of us every single day of our lives:how to deal with tests and difficulties. Its effective and well-thought-out format and organization enable the reader to find at a glance the answer to a `difficulties' question through use of either the table of contents, the excellent bibliography, or the extensive index."

Marie Gervais

"When I first read Spiritual Survival, my life was running smoothly. The thoughtfulness of the selection, the clarity of the chapter divisions, and the completeness of the references all impressed me. Now that I have turned to these Writings in times of difficulties, I more fully appreciate the spiritual guidance contained within the Bahá'í Writings. This collection is a tribute to the wisdom and strength of the compiler, and his making out of great trials a great accomplishment to help Bahá'ís for generations to come."

Tania Nordli, M.D.

"The most powerful and comphrehensive index I have seen for a book of this type."

Deborah Ranchuk, White Mountain Publications.

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