African Destiny
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African Destiny
by Eleanor Harding

Eleanor Harding takes us on a real-life voyage of discovery in following her daughter's decision to pioneer to Africa. Eleanor HardingThe experiences of the young Susan Harding (now Sheper) in Africa helped her parents in Canada to rediscover their own spiritual longings, their own destiny even as she discovered hers.

This story begins with 25 year-old Susan Harding preparing to go to Africa with the purpose of pioneering for at least two years and perhaps even a lifetime. Her first-hand account of life in the Congo and Zaire is given through her letters, and, together with her mother's reactions to the various news, make an interesting and thought-provoking recounting of lives well-lived. Susan's love of Africa, the African peoples, the Faith are so clear through her letters, and her mother, Eleanor Harding, writes with just as much candor about her reactions to her daughter's letters, adventures, her own spiritual journey and her own experiences travelling to her daughter's chosen part of the world. Susan continues to joyously call Africa home.

"If people will find the stories inspiring, then the book -and all those letters to my parents over the years- will have served a fine purpose. To me, the Power of the Faith to transform lives, and the beauty and capacity of the Africans are the most important parts."

Susan Sheper

The book continues through the years to almost present-day. African Destiny will touch your heart and open your eyes to an Africa very different to the one seen on the evening news.

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7   Part One: Feet On Ground

11  Goodbye photo from mural painted on grain silos after goodbye party at Harbourfront, Toronto. May 1983

34  Pirogue travel. Rohan at left.

41  Barbara, Rohan, Susan shortly after moving into the Bahá'íCentre, Mbandaka

44  Dancing in the street with some of the neighbourhood women Mont Ngafule

47  Children's class inside the Bahá'í Centre, Mbandaka

48  Truck Travel, Mbandaka

49  Susan, Rohan and Barbara in the pailotte outside the Bahá'í Centre, Mbandaka, 1983

60  Elizabeth with members of the children's class 1983-1984

69  Bahá'ís singing at the inauguration of the Bahá'í Centre Mandaka 1984.

70  Inauguration of the Bahá'í Centre Kimpika 1984.

79  Part Two: Head In Clouds

101  Susan making an illuminated prayer as a gift for us. The large letters read:"Make wide for them the needle's eye."

103  Dick and Eleanor Harding outside regional Bahá'í Centre, Mbandaka, January 1985.

106  At Mama Bete's home, January 1985. (Mama Bete beside Susan in photo)

133  Part Three: Reunion

151  Jason Sheper, on his way to visit Susan in Mbandaka, September 1985.

16  0Jason Sheper, jamming with a friend in the paillote outside the Bahá'íCentre in Mbandaka, 1985.

163  Part Four: Good-Bye Zaire, Hello Congo

169  Jason and Miquela delivered this teaching tool to a Bahá'í friend in Kinshasa 2003.

171  Miquela learning how to make fufu.

174  On the left, incoming chief (who is a Bahá'í). On the right, the printer Kayhan Movafaghi. October 1996.

175  Dylan and Susan with printer Kayhan Movafaghi and Bahá'í friends 1996.

176  A professional Congolese dance troupe performing for us and other guests outside the Sheper home Kinshasa 1996.

177  "Granna and Baba" Harding with Dylan and Miquela in Kinshasa 1996. (T-shirts designed by Susan)

178  Dick Harding at the projector showing slides of our pilgrimage at the Kinshasa Bahá'í Centre, 1996.

186  Musicians for the Celebration CD on the grounds for the Institute for the Arts, Kinshasa.

188  Susan in the studio, filming a skit.

189  Susan in the editing room.

191  Susan & Laetitia in front of the Sheper home, 2003.

205  Susan & Mana Ndaya, designer and creator of the costumes used by the Congo Youth Choir in Haifa, visting in the Sheper living room, 2002.

207  Soloist, Congo Youth Choir, Mount Carmel, Haifa 2001.

208  Congo Youth Choir, Mount Carmel, Haifa 2001.

211  Epilogue

211  Members of the Choir sing at the commemoration of Dick's passing, 2002. Behind the men is Studio Aurore, Kinshasa.