Available as an EBook here. Only A Cairn Remains

Only A Cairn Remains
The Story of the Settlement of Reesor 1925-1967
by Karen Seidemann

Reesor ceased to officially exist in 1967 when the post office closed down. The museum in Kapuskasing displays some artifacts from the Mennonite settlement, among them one of Herman Lepp's sleighs.

For many descendants of the settlers, Reesor has been transformed, become a modern-day Camelot, a place of brave men and virtuous women and happy children, a place where hardships were born with grace and softened by brotherly love. As long as they live, Reesor will be remembered even though the forest reclaims the meadows and fields and the log houses have long ago crumbled.

Wild flowers grow in the small fenced-in area north of Highway 11 in Northern Ontario - and a solitary cairn stands in the clearing, a silent sentry guarding the final resting place of the people from the Russian steppes.

Karen Seidemann gratefully acknowledges the research assistance of the Mennonite Heritage Centre and the descendants of the people of Reesor who made their personal diaries and time available to capture this history.

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