Northern Treasures

Northern Treasures
by M. Ann Margetson

Poet Laureate for Temiskaming District, Ann Margetson of Cobalt, presents this delightful selection of poems from her considerable collection of over 6,000 poems written, so far. Always a thinking person, the combinations of ideas and well-practiced and unaffected rhyme seem to happen as part of her speech pattern. With a quick wit, and infectious laughter, she is always most welcome at gatherings in the area, whether they be Council meetings, or noon-time poetry readings.

Ann Margetson at the Drummond Cairn in Cobalt, ON

Shown here at the Drummond Cairn beside the Cobalt Public Library in connection with the Spring Pulse Poetry Festival commemoration of Dr. William Henry Drummond in 2008, she continues to compose, elicit and read poetry through workshops, readings through the area.

ISBN: 9781894747516 | WMPub#1032 | 8½" x 5½"
56 pages, chapbook | $7.95

Table of Contents

Hometown Places And Their Echoes

The Journey Home


The Old Barn

Spring Road Kill

I Took A Walk

The Travellers Return

Treasure Trove

A Kind Heart

A Sign Of A Bad Winter

Washing On The Line

Awoke With The Sun

The Train Ride

Lake Temiskaming

Temagami Tower

Another Year

Temiskaming Shores

Sunrise In Cobalt

The Cute Doggies' Home

Facing Lake Cobalt

Living In History

Dr. William Henry Drummond

Drummond's Visit

Sitting By The Fire

The Interview

An Apology To Dr. Drummond

Poems Inspired by Paintings

Inspired By The Painting Surreal Landscape By Martin Foley

Inspired By The Painting The Sentinel By Martin Foley

Inspired by the Painting Île du College By Martin Foley

Ideas From The Painting Pillars and Pebbles By Martin Foley


The Hardy Boys

The Katimavik Program

Smallman's Pharmacy

In Praise of the Willard Greenhouse Place

In Praise Of Stitches and Treasures

Just For Smoothwater Outfitters

The Haileybury Highlanders

In Praise Of The Silver Moccasin

Regatta Time

The Highway Book Shop

The Olympic Torch

For The Temiskaming Community Choir

We Are Singing

Poets and Poetry


The Cobalt Poetry Club

We The Poets

The Spring Pulse Festival

Poetry Through The Senses

Thank You Town Of Cobalt