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This list is alphabetical by author's last name. It is included in the Appendix of the book, and listed here for easier research.

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Abel, Ben Okanagan Indian Poems And Short Stories
1974; 64 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-050-0
Mr. Abel tells his own experiences and First Nations traditions in poetry. Reprinted 1976.

Abel, Ben Wisdom Of Indian Poetry
1976; 65 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-115-9
Thoughts of a First Nations Canadian expressed in poetry.

Abraham, Norman Island In The Wilderness
1993; 111 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-376-3
Many changes have come since the author and his young friends built the deer hunting lodge on Norris Lake where they spent many happy seasons after World War II.

Abraham, Norman Reaching Into Yesterday
1996; 317 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-394-1
The author's reminiscences provide an effective historical work about Haileybury.

Adams, Olive Happy Rhymes For Happy Times
1974; 40 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-029-2
Children's poems about everyday life.

Aiken, David and Zora Magnus 1983; 118 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-274-0
Magnus Nyman lived and worked in Ontario's northern wilderness for over 50 years.

Aldred, Jim, ed.Due North, An Anthology Of Northern Poetry
1979; 56 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-198-1
Poems submitted by northern poets.

Aldred, Jim, ed. Poetry, An Anthology Vol I
1972; 52 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-014-4
Poets were invited to submit poems for each issue of the anthology. Reprinted 1973.

Aldred, Jim, ed. Poetry, An Anthology Vol II
1975; 52 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-073-X
Again, poets were invited to submit their work.

Aldred, Jim, ed. Poetry, An Anthology Vol III
1979; 52 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-138-8
This was the final request for submissions.

Allen, Iris Mother And Her Family
1977; 77 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-111-6
A portrait of family life in a prairie town in the 1920s.

Allhusen, Carl, comp. Index To Cobalt Daily Nugget 1909-1914: Births, Marriages And Deaths
1990; 136 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-336-4
For the years indicated, the author referred to the issue of the paper where the notice appeared.

Allinson, Sidney How To Make Money Fast As A Ghostwriter
1977; 53 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-122-1
A manual on all phases of ghostwriting.

Allinson, Sidney How To Survive When The Money Crash Comes
1974; 44 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-038-1
A manual of techniques that can help you be better off when everyone else goes broke.

Anglican Church Women of the Dioceses of Algoma and Moosonee Devotions Handbook
1977; 61 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-266-X
Suggestions, prayers, and readings. 3-hole binder with cord. Reprinted 1981.

Ardito, Mary Cooking With Granola
1973; 40 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-020-9
A cookbook devoted entirely to the many ways that granola can be made and used. Handwritten with illustrations by the author.

Armitage, Budd and Gail Daffynitions
1979; 62 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-190-6
A delightful comical dictionary.

Arnett, Janet Antiques And Collectables: Starting Small
1978; 60 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-164-7
An excellent illustrated guide for the beginner, covering all small collectables.

Arney, Ada Ageless Sayings, Adages And Quips
1991; 45 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-343-7
Hundreds of sayings which are as applicable today as they were in the olden days.

Arney, Ada Here Come The Khaki Skirts: The Women Volunteers
1988; 172 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-323-2
A pictorial history of women in service in World War II.

Arney, Ada, (aka Peeper, Alice) Northern Ontario Graffiti
1981; 69 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-245-7
A spicy collection of aphorisms from the ladies' washrooms of the north.

Arney, Ada Northern Spring
1981; 59 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-235-X
The author reminisces the loss of her husband in poignant verses.

Arnill, Beatrice The Bright And Morning Star
1982; 32 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-253-8
Five stories retold from the Bible.

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Baker, Becky Run Away Horses
1976; 16 pages; ISBN: none
A horse story hand-lettered and illustrated by an eleven year old Chippewa girl.

Baltensperger, Peter This Place
1982; 63 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-249-X
Modern poetry by a St. Catharines Secondary School English teacher.

Barnes, Michael Cochrane, The Polar Bear Town
1976; 64 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-265-1
The history of Cochrane and stories for children about the area.

Barnes, Michael Gold Camp Pioneer
1973; 22 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-013-6
The story of Roza Brown of Kirkland Lake. For children grade 6+. Reprinted 1976.

Barnes, Michael Gold In The Porcupine
1975; 86 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-080-2
Story of the people and events of the gold strike in northeastern Ontario. Illustrated. Reprinted 1976, 1980, and 1987.

Barnes, Michael In The Public Service: The Ontario Provincial Police
1974; 82 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-046-2
Approved by the OPP for young readers. A lively and accurate picture of the force and a policeman's daily round. Reprinted 1975.

Barnes, Michael Jake Englehart
1974; 50 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-026-8
A biography of a great pioneer in oil and railroads who gave his name to the Town of Englehart. Reprinted 1978.

Barnes, Michael Just North Mystery Series
Two girls and two boys from a group home find mystery and adventure in Northern Ontario. For students with reading difficulties. Each book has 80 pages. Reading levels 3.5 to 5.5. Difficult words and questions listed in the back of each book.
Arrest At The Soo
1977; 80 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-119-1
The Chief Commanda Hi-Jack
1976; 80 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-100-0. Reprinted 1980, and 1981.
The Message To Moosonee
1977; 80 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-118-3. Reprinted 1980
Monster From The Slimes
1976; 80 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-099-3. Reprinted 1980
The Sudbury Moon Chase
1977; 80 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-120-5. Reprinted 1981
The Thunder Bay Threat
1976; 80 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-117-5 Reprinted 1981

Barnes, Michael Killer In The Bush: The Great Fires Of Northeastern Ontario
2004; 150 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-433-6
The great bush fires of Porcupine (1911), Matheson (1916), and Temiskaming (1922). First published by Boston Mills Press in 1987. Revised edition by Highway Book Shop, 2004.

Barnes, Michael The Nelson Boys And Their Cobalt Adventure
1973; 34 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-024-1
A mystery of silver highgrading solved by the Nelson Boys. Grades 5 to 8. Reprinted 1978.

Barnes, Michael The Nelson Boys And Their Wawa Adventure
1975; 52 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-074-8
The Nelson Boys unravel the Lake Superior diamond mystery.

Barnes, Michael Night Search, And Other Stories
1975; 67 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-078-0
Exciting northern adventures for teens.

Barnes, Michael The Town That Stands On Gold: Kirkland Lake
1977; 192 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-093-4
History of Kirkland Lake. Reprinted 1979.

Barnes, Michael The Tri-Towns: Cobalt, Haileybury And New Liskeard
2000; 172 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-412-3
The Tri-Towns area has become an interesting spot for tourism. This is an illustrated overview of its history and importance.

Batisse, Ken George, et al. Native Sons
1977; 59 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-136-1
Poems and stories written by seven First Nations boys while in the Guelph Correctional Centre. Reprinted 1980.

Bauer, George W. Tales From The Cree
1974; 47 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-022-5
Cree legends from the area around Fort George, Quebec, with an introduction and drawings by Cree artists. Reprinted 1975, 1978, and 1980.

Beavon, Daphne Odjig Nanabush And The Dancing Ducks
1994; 16 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-388-7
Ojibway legend retold.

Beavon, Daphne Odjig Nanabush And The Spirit Of Winter 1989; 16 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-328-3
Ojibway legend retold.

Begley, M.F. Cochrane d'Hier á Demain
1977; 108 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-267-8
Une histoire historique intéressante de la région de Cochrane du début de la colonisation à nos jours.

Benham, Leslie and Lois Sergeant Stanley
1981; 70 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-213-9
The adventures of two boys who thought it was fun playing soldier until they learned the realities of the War of 1812.

Benson, Evadne, and Hansen, Susan Goo Goo Gourmet
1975; 25 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-071-3
Delicious recipes for do-it-yourself baby food.

Benson, John Birds Don't Fly At Night
1983; 140 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-286-4
The author's war experiences in the R.A.F. as a wireless operator/air gunner. Written in a humorous style. Illustrated.

Berlinguette, Leo Tale Of The Green Frog's Journey
1973; 9 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-021-7
A story about living in harmony with your neighbours. Written for young children.

Bliss, Wayne Islands In The Sky
1991; 59 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-353-4
First Nations legends of the Manitou Islands retold.

Boucher, Micheline, et al. Our Timiskaming
1977; 80 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-106-X
A booklet written to promote tourism, by several authors. Photos by Douglas Clark.

Bowes, Jane Oh, John-John
1998; 48 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-402-6
A story-colouring book about an active little boy.

Bowes, Jane A Visit With Grandmother Hookimow
1998; 40 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-403-4
A story-colouring book about a visit to a First Nations grandmother.

Brebner, Phyllis Lee The Call Of The Eagle
1991, 210 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-346-1
The solving of a mystery and a daring mountain-side rescue will delight young readers.

Broadbent, Carmon Studies Of Cobalt
1978; 30 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-140-X
Beautiful pen and ink illustrations of this picturesque northern Ontario town.

Brock, Gordon Province Of Northern Ontario
1978; 139 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-186-8
An important political issue dealing with the alienation of northern Ontario.

Bromilow, Fern Moods
1979; 60 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-192-2
Poetry. The cover of this book was done in full colour with very good result. This was one of HBS's first attempts at such work.

Brown, E. Lenore Poems
1971; 48 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-051-9
Poetry reflecting events and feelings in the author's life. Reprinted 1974 and 1980.

Brown, L. Carson The Minor Miners
1977; 87 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-126-4
A boy and girl learn about mining. Written for young readers.

Bryan, Ruby Gibbins and Newton-White, Muriel E. Wildflowers Of The North
1978; 215 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-156-6
One of a kind hand-lettered guidebook, profusely illustrated, 3 indexes, diagrammatic explanation of terms. Hardcover, 4 colour plates in the last two printings. Reprinted 1979, 1985, and 2004.

Buchar, Cynthia and Breetz The Changing Spaces Around Houston Wardall
1978; 50 pages; ISBN: 0-88954-170-1
This tale will appeal to those who are interested in the macabre.

Buchar, Cynthia and Frank The Day The World Lost Its Shoes
1979; 2 pages; ISBN: none
A Highway Book Shop story foldout.

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Wallace, W. Stewart. Fur Traders At Fort Temiskaming And Bear Island
ISBN: none; 1972; 14 pages
Reprint from The Pedlars from Quebec by W. Stewart Wallace (Ryerson Press, 1954)

Wallingford, Ron. Portrait Of A Runner
ISBN: 0-88954-310-0; 1985; 346 pages
Novel of one mans quest to represent his country and win at the Olympic Games.

Walton, W.W. The 5:15 Gang
ISBN: 0-88954-331-3; 1989; 138 pages
Humorous anecdotes about dedicated sportsmen who are intent on having a good time.

Walton, W.W. Kawigamog: Pickerel River Tales
ISBN: 0-88954-114-0; 1976; 68 pages
Stories of a steamboat in the earlier twentieth century.

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Zenik, Robert. Beyond Me
198356 pages ISBN: 0-88954-288-0
Poetry can take one beyond oneself.

Zorbas, Greg, and Eastman, Byron Soccer Fundamentals
ISBN: 0-88954-313-5 1986139 pages
A programmed approach to providing soccer fundamentals and training.