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Women's Talk
Florence Conway

Florence Conway's interest in the status and advancement of women has extended over many decades. author Florence ConwayLiving in a diversity of cultures and travelling extensively has enabled her to observe at close range the prevailing conditions and influences on women's lives in a variety of settings. Her passion is apparent in speaking or writing about the vision she holds about the future place of women on our planet. In this volume the passion comes through as she speaks directly to women, urging, enabling and empowering them to don the mantle of catalysts of change. In her early adult life Conway searched diligently for a satisfying spiritual path and found the Bahá'í Faith. Her many years as a Bahá'í eventually led to her serving at the Bahá'í World Centre in Haifa, Israel.

     "Women's Talk arrived... I read it front to back and then knew this was a book I would have to read many times just to savour it - and enable me to reflect on my own thinking and action on the issues raised....

It was so good to see the issues in print and my heart and mind connected to every sentence. I have not seen a Baha'i book on the subject of women, men, and equality so wonderfully written, so open, so honest - so full of your own soul searching, so challenging to all of us...

Women's Talk is a precious work that I know I will go back to... It is so full of challenge and promise."

Sitarih Ala'i

      "Florence Conway has written a must-read book about women's place in society, Bahá'í style. Equality of the sexes is easily understood in principle but its implementation in the work force, in relationships, in the home need and deserve this lively and penetrating analysis.
     Her approach is warm, friendly, her style lucid. Her book is also a gentle introduction to the Bahá'í Faith for those who demand relevance to today's world. A splendid work indeed."

Jim Cullen

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Chapter 1

The Whys And Wherefores


Chapter 2

Taking The Lead


Chapter 3

Who Am I?


Chapter 4

Scaling The Hurdles


Chapter 5

Learning To Live With Our Own Nature


Chapter 6

What About 'Abdu'l-Bahá?


Chapter 7

The Gender Of Language


Chapter 8

The Creative Word