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The Curious History of Albert the Dragon
by George Cassidy

This book was written and illustrated by George Cassidy in 1935, or 1936. It served to delight his family and their families through the years, and is presented here to share this delightful tale with everyone else.

An unlikely hero ventures on a quest to rescue a fair maiden from a fearsome dragon who has defeated and devoured many knights. But battle is not inevitable. Common sense and empathy resolves the conflict, and the result is a unique partnership.

If you think this is only a children's story, let me assure you it is delightful for adults as well.

George 'Cass' Cassidy was a young teacher in Cobalt High School when he wrote and illustrated this children's book, now published for the first time since its inception in the 1930s. When the Second World War came, he left his wife Pat and their five children to serve with the Algonquin Regiment, an infantry battalion in the Canadian Fourth Armoured Division. He was a company commander in the campaigns in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany, and was awarded a Distinguished Service Order for courage and leadership in the battle for the Kusten Canal. After the war, he returned to teaching. He was an excellent teacher and leader in education in Northern Ontario, retiring as principal of Haileybury High School. In the Canadian Army militia, he rose to Brigadier General commanding the 16th Militia Group. The armoury in Timmins, Ontario was originally named after him.

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