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Steep Rock
The Men and the Mines
by Bruce W. Taylor

Steep Rock, The Men and the Mines is a comprehensive history of the very exciting development of the Steep Rock iron deposits near Atikokan, Ontario. This second edition of the original published in 1978, provides an enduring account of this massive enterprise.

The germ of the idea to write about the Steep Rock was planted soon after Bruce took up residence in Atikokan in 1969. He was curious about the background of the company with where he was starting a new career, and this curiosity was whetted through hearing Syd Hancock tell, in his own inimical way, stories about the men who found and developed the Steep Rock Range.

Bruce wondered why no one had ever written a comprehensive history of the very exciting development of the Steep Rock deposits. Syd Hancock, the obvious person to do so, assured him that he had no intention of getting involved in such a project, but if Bruce intended to do so he would assist him in any way possible. Bruce was only too eager to take him up on his offer.

Fortunately for this history, the management of Steep Rock, right from the earliest days, had the foresight to collect press releases and other information relevant to the development of the Steep Rock Range. A complete record of all Northern Miner clippings from 1938 to the early 1960s, as well as clippings from other newspapers during the period prior to the Diversion project has been of incalculable assistance. In addition to the press clippings, a complete file of back issues of the Steep Rock Echo, the news bulletin published by Steep Rock Iron Mines for its employees, and the company's annual reports, have assisted greatly in the writing of the history. For unlimited access to these and other files Bruce is most grateful to Steep Rock Iron Mines Limited.

Notes for this Second Edition: We have retained the original as far as possible with some notable exceptions:
    We have increased the font size from the original for easier reading, and so page numbers from the original will be different.
    We have taken the footnotes and made them endnotes starting on page 162, so that we could include them in a readable fashion at a reasonable font size.
    The Index is expanded.

We hope you find these changes useful.

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Table of Contents

5 Foreword

7 Discovery

21 Development and Disappointment

31 Negotiations

47 The Diversion

66 Draining the Lake

78 Consolidation and Expansion

94 Dredging

107 Production

119 Sharing The Wealth

130 The Modern Era


149 The People

150 The Engineers

152 The Original Development 1938-1940

152 The Consulting Engineers

153 The Esker Tunnel-Finlayson Lake

154 The River Diversion

155 Draining The Lake

156 The First Ore Mined

157 Dredging

158 Operation Up & Over

159 Production

160 The Modern Era

161 Selected Bibliography

162 Endnotes

178 Index