Early Farm Implements

Early Farm Implements
by Dave Hanes

"I enjoy writing, taking photographs of historic places and travelling the back roads of New York State and Ontario. Most of my family now reside in New York State at the start of the Catskill Mountains, close to Howe Caverns.

"Spectacular scenery abounds, streams, reservoirs, forests, waterfalls and the rugged mountains and valleys in Schoharie County. As I drive the highways and narrow back roads I am rewarded with many old farms and homes to photograph. Many of the old towns I pass through date back into the 1700s and early 1800s. On occasion I spot an old implement amongst weeds, beside an old stone or rail fence, or out in the middle of a pasture. Although they are not used anymore at least they are still real and close examination shows the ingenuity of those implement builders from time long ago.

Dave Hanes

"Yes, modern farm equipment is bigger, faster and can get the job done so much quicker-unless it breaks down! But even though the modern equipment is necessary in today's world as the population has exploded, to me modern implements are all "huff and puff" with no "character", and certainly not loved and cared for the way the farmers did over 100 years ago.

"Throughout upper and middle New York State I was able to take many photos of those old abandoned implements. Such is not the case here in Ontario. Sad but true, some years ago the price for steel spiked and then a parade of trucks hauling everything from old stoves, fridges, cars, trucks and unfortunately, old solid steel farm implements. During those times much of our farming history disappeared, forever.

"I have been fortunate to photograph enough old implements to be able to produce this book, dedicated to the farmer and his implements from a bygone era. I will continue to travel the back roads and photograph as many of these historic machines scattered in fields as possible."

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ISBN: 9781894747172 | WMPub# 1055 | 8" x 8"
98 pages with full colour photos | $24.95

Table of Contents

Early Farm Implements ~Pictorial Memories of Pioneer Implements

3 Dedication

4 Farmers Tilled the Land, They Planted the Seed, They Harvested the Bounty

5 Introduction

6 The Farmer

Wheels, Wagons & Sleighs

7 The Common Buggy or Wagon Wheel

9 The Steel Wheel

11 The Wheels And The Gear Box

12 The Farm Utility Wagon

13 Hand Made Sleigh, Bessemer Road

14 Multi Purpose Wagon, Rockingham Ontario

15 The Sturdy Old Sleigh, Route 5, Schoharie County. N.Y.

16 Old Wooden Utility Cart, New York State

17 Long Tongue And Wooden Wheels, Maine Highway #9

18 Extendable Pole Wagon, Snow Road, Bancroft, Ontario

19 A Peaceful Place To Rest

Preparing the Land: Ploughs, Cultivators, Discs & Spreaders

20 Built To Break Ground

21 The Single Furrow Plough

22 Left To Rot And Rust

23 Almost Buried Amongst The Weeds

24 The Red Paint Has Faded

25 More Levers To Play With

26 Restored To Its Former Glory

27 Four-Tined Light Duty Plough

28 Single Furrow Plough, Schoharie County, N.Y.

29 Small Two-Furrow Plough, Maine

30 Two Furrow Gang Plough

31 Plough Shares, Highway 28 East Of Bancroft, Ontario

32 Plough, Near Broomecentre, N.Y.

33 Single Furrow Plough, St. Ola Road

34 Cultivators And Plough, Nova Scotia

35 Set Of Discs, Highway 9, Maine

36 Set Of Harrows, Rural Nova Scotia

37 Steel Wheeled Cultivator

38 Adjustable Cultivator, Near Perth Ontario

39 Cultivator Along A Rural Highway In Nova Scotia

40 Manure Spreader, Highway 118 West Of Bancroft, Ontario

41 All Steel Manure Spreader, Musclow Road, Bancroft Area


42 Seed Drill Sitting In Roadside Park

43 Seed Drill Abandoned Amongst Scrap And Debris

44 Seed Drill Protected And Sheltered, Peacock Farm Lower Faraday Road, Bancroft Area

45 Seed Planter Restored

46 Long Box Seed Drill

47 Seed Drill, Schoharie County, N.Y.

48 Seed Drill, Route 7, Schoharie County, New York State

49 Seed Drill, Mohawk Valley, N.Y.

Hay Time: Feeding the Animals that Fed the People

50 The Hay Rake

51 Hay Loader And Rake Left Unused In A Valley

52 The Threshing Machine

52 The Monster Shared By Many Farmers

53 Steel Wheeled Riding Mower

54 Old Mower, Rural Nova Scotia

55 Heavy Duty Brush Mower

56 Windrow Hay And Straw Rake, Route 10, N.Y. Mennonite Country

57 Hay Rake And Small Shed, McMunn Farm, Bessemer Road

58 Mennonite Country, Route 10, New York State

59 Riding Hay Rake

60 Restored And Sitting In A Beautiful Garden South Of Hagar, ON

61 The Old Hay Baler, Schoharie County, N.Y.

62 Hay Rake, Keyser Kill Near Broomecentre, Schoharie County. N.Y.

63 Flat Creek Road Near Broomecentre- Implement Graveyard

64 Hay Loader, Lower Hybla Road, Bancroft Area

65 Hay Loader, Lower Faraday Road

66 Hay Rakes

67 Tucked Neatly On A Hillside Highway 9 Maine

Special Machines for Special Crops

68 The Corn And Potato Planters

69 Early Potato Planter, Nova Scotia

70 Potato Seed Planter, New York State

71 Potato Seed Planter And Seed Cups On Chain Link Belt, Highway 535, Sudbury, ON

72 Close Up of the Seed Cups

73 Potato Planter, Lawrence Lord's Old Farm Museum, Maine

74 Potato Planter, Lawrence Lord's Old Farm Museum, Maine

75 Potato Planter, Lawrence Lord's Old Farm Museum, Maine

76 Corn Seed Planter, Route 7 East Of Cobleskill, N.Y.

77 Corn Seed Planter, Schoharie Valley, N.Y.

78 Old Corn Seed Planter, Route 13, New York State

79 Seed And Grass Seed Rollers Alongside Highway 2, New Hampshire

80 The Potato Digger

81 Pre-1900 Potato Digger, Bonfield, South Of Highway 17 East

82 Early Potato Digger, Hagar Area, East Of Sudbury, ON

83 Pair Of Ptato Diggers, Route 13, N.Y.

84 Old Potato Digger, Rural Highway Nova Scotia

85 Early Potato Digger, Highway 9 Maine

87 Potato Digger And Black Horses In Fresh Snow, Route 13, N.Y.

Still A Mystery

88 Shrubs Grow Up Through This Unidentified Implement

89 Unknown Implement, North Eastern Ontario

90 Strange Wheeled Implement, Upper New York State

New Uses for Old Machines

91 The Plough, The Windmill, The Little Planter

92 Unique Post For The Mail Box

From The Collection At Lawrence Lord's Old Farm Museum, Highway 9, Maine

93 An Early Potato Digger

94 Two-Furrow Riding Plough

94 Old Riding Hay Mower

95 Riding Potato Digger

96 Single Box Seed Planter

97 Steel-wheeled Manure Spreader

98 Sleigh in Roadside Park, Highway 9, Maine