Front Cover- Lighthouses of Eastern Canada

Lighthouses of Eastern Canada
The Seafarer's Guiding Lights
Part One:
Manitoulin Island to Eastern Ontario
by Dave Hanes

Photographer Dave Hanes has captured photos of those lighthouses that still stand. Many are still operational but as time goes on many will be removed by Canada Coast Guard and replaced with beacons.

Beacons have neither character nor photographic appeal so he is hoping to preserve in these books the best historically-valued ones so that Canadians and tourists will have the opportunity to see them up close before they disappear from the landscape forever.

Dave Hanes 2014

His journey of photographic preservation begins on Manitoulin Island in the North Chanel of Lake Huron. From there he ventured east to the Ottawa River and photographed as many as possible. Several are in the Ottawa River and not accessible except by boat and others are on Department of National Defence and/or the Atomic Energy Commission properties. Only three lighthouses are in the Sudbury Area: Killarney, Lake Nippissing and Mattawa and they appear in this book.

ISBN: 978-1-927541-26-5 | WMPub#1060 | 8" x 8"
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