It Started at Creighton Mine

It Started At Creighton Mine
A Memoir
by Rolf Staude

With a wildly uncertain future in a special unit of the U.S. Army in Bremen, Germany, for Rolf Staude immigration to Canada appeared to open doors to a better future, away from war.

This memoir of a young man's life as a miner at Inco's Creighton Mine mirrors the experience of many who came to this country through the 1950s and early 1960s.

author Rolf Staude

Candid and well-written, he expertly describes the underground workings of the Creighton Mine, and his passage through some formative years of his life. Roughly 25-30 years ago, INCO rid itself of its residential property and dwellings which effectively made the town of Creighton a ghost town. The mine itself has continued to operate throughout the years and provides a good living for the hundreds of miners who work there. This nickel mine continues to expand to deeper levels and operates on a full schedule.

Rolf Staude went on from Creighton to teach in Sault Ste. Marie and Midland, where he resided until his passing in September 2011.

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ISBN: 9781894747394 | WMPub#1063 | 6" x 9"
280 pages, paperback | $24.95

Creighton Mine 1953 photo ©by Rolf Staude

Table of Contents


1 To Canada...

2 At Sea

3 On to Sudbury

4 The New World

5 Creighton Mine

6 Fred...

7 Toward My First Spring

8 Walter Lueth

9 Toward Summer of 1952

10 Ingenious Car Repair

11 Toward the Fall of 1952

12 Harold

13 Otto

14 New Wheels in the New Year

15 Easter of 1953

16 Dogpatch, Waters, and Naughton

17 Martha

18 The Beetle Has Landed

19 Smitty

20 Bass Season

21 A Risky Venture: Beating the Blahs

22 Experiences with the Beetle

23 Rear-ended

24 Communist Walter at Work and Nature with Albert

25 1956, Important Changes

26 Nairn Centre

27 Stamps Only?

28 St. Pauls Lutheran Church

29 My Land Purchase

31 Advent in Toronto

32 Hypothermia

33 Alf Emblin

34 A Canadian Aims to Get Married

35 The Engagement

36 Construction

37 Fall Fog Hazards

38 Arrival from Bremen

39 Into the Winter of 1957~1958

41 Spring of 1958

42 An Apparition Not Interpreted Correctly

43 The Prince George Hotel

44 Back to Work and into 1959

45 Fall and Winter 1959~1960

46 New Neighbours

47 Into the Eventful 1961

48 Taking the Big Step

49 Making the Grade

50 The Solution