Pioneer Days in Old Ontario

Pioneer Days in Old Ontario
by Dave Hanes

Let's step back in time to the days of the first immigrants that settled the interior forests of our province once named Upper Canada. We will not dwell on those fortunate enough to be former members of the British Military and Navy. These lucky people were awarded land grants along the St. Lawrence River, the Ottawa Valley and the best fertile land around Southern Ontario.

Author and photographer Dave Hanes

Impoverished and destitute immigrants from the British Isles and other European countries came by the boat load to begin a new life in the land of plenty. They were given parcels of land along Colonization Roads leading to the vast interior of Upper Canada. When all parts of the agreement were completed by the homesteader then he would receive the land title. Much of the land was worthless and unusable for farming. Many were abandoned and left to revert back to the Crown Land Agent. Only the strong survived this unforgiving wilderness.

Many of the men were without money and had to seek employment away from their small cabin. This left the wife, often times with small children, to look after the farm and raise the family. These women toiled in the house looking after the cooking and cleaning and the children. When that was done they went to the fields and worked breaking ground and planting crops. Water had to be carried to the cabin. Wood had to be cut and brought inside for the wood stove. In winter the back breaking chores became tenfold as snow and winds whipped through tiny cracks between the logs, doors and any crack around the few windows they had. What they endured was not a television drama or movie. It was real!

Life alone in the wilderness was heart-breaking and unbearable for some. Many gave up, perished or returned home. Others, the determined and strong-willed women remained and took up the challenges God and Nature had thrown at them. These are the women many present day citizens are descended from: good, tough, honest Pioneer Women!

This is the story of determination and total faith in the Man above to watch over them. Hardships were never far away but many pioneer women managed to carve out a life in this new world, of Old Ontario.

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Table of Contents Title

3 Old Log Barn


5 Old Cabin Hamlyn's Bessemer Road

7 The Old Stable, Hamlyn's on Bessemer Road

8 Pine Logs and Cedar Shingles

9 Tiny Cabin in the Woods

10 Gnarled Trees and Neglected Log Barn

11 The One Room School

12 Old Barn Overlooking Farm In Valley

13 Rutledge Farm Village of Musclow, Musclow Greenview Road

14 Old White Church, Lower Faraday Road

15 The Door is Locked

16 The Single Seater Outhouse

17 The Log Outhouse, North of Markstay Ontario

18 Rocks, Beams, and Broken Boards

19 The McMunn Farm, Bessemer Road

20 One of the Old Barns, McMunn Farm Bessemer Road

21 Blacksmith Shop, Village of L'Amable

22 The Reeves Farm, An Early Pioneer Homestead and Farm Near Upper Hermon

23 Log Homestead Under Blanket of Snow

24 Large Barn, Small Barn, Hartsmere Road, near McArthur's Mills

25 Broken Boards, Sagging Doors, Peacock's Farm Lower Faraday Road

26 Little Cabin in Shambles, Bronson Road Area

27 Rutledge Farm, Musclow-Greenview Road At Edge of Old Village of Musclow

28 Log Camp Buildings, South Keora Mining, South Lorrain Township

29 Musclow United Church Village of Musclow

30 Church on Detlor Road Near Highway 28 East

31 Old Log Bridge, Snake Road Highway 28 East of McArthur Mills

32 A Cluster of Old Buildings, 28 East Then Onto Highway 41 A Short Distance

33 Log Homestead and Small Barn, Highway 41 Denbigh Area

34 Same Picture, Different Look

35 The Old McGibbon Barn, Detlor Road Near L'Amable

36 McGibbon Barns and Chicken House, Detlor Road, L'Amable

37 McMunn Homestead, Bessemer Road Near

37 Upper Hermon

38 Square Timber Home, Monck Road, Former Military and Colonization Road

39 Old Silo, Highway 2 Between Gananoque and Kingston

41 Picturesque Farm, South of Highway 17 Near Corbeil

42 Barn in Overgrown Field, Corbeil Area South of Highway 17 East

43 Birch Lake Hunt Club, Forest Access Road, East of Bessemer

44 Entrance to Old Mine Adit, Wilberforce Area, approximately 25 miles west of Bancroft.

45 Remains of Mine Office Childs Mine Within A Stone's Throw of the Old Bessemer Road

46 Massive Old Mansion, Prince Edward County near Picton

47 Headframe and Ore Bin, near Wilberforce, Ontario

48 Wood Timber Headframe, Blue Rock Mine Old Hadlington Road, Tory Hill Ontario

49 Tiny Log Stable, Maxwell Settlement Road

50 The Home and The Outhouse, Overlooking a Small Lake near Wilberforce, Ontario

51 Narrow Boards and Rickety Fence

52 Square Timber Walls and Cedar Shingle Roof, Highway 41 Near Denbigh, Ontario

53 Large Stylish Farm House, Located in the Denbigh Area on Highway 41

54 Just the Walls Stand, Maxwell Settlement Road

55 The Barn is Falling Down, The Trees Are Growing Tall, Detlor Road

56 Pole Barn and Drive Shed, Swampy Area on Highway 41, North of Kaladar

57 Stone Home Gutted by Fire, Highway #2 Near Kingston, Ontario

58 Just Needs a Little T. L. C., Highway 41

59 Neat Log Home, Highway 28 East of Bancroft

60 Neat Log House and Hip Roof Barn, Highway 41, Road of Abandoned Dreams

61 The Apple Trees, the Old Outhouse and the Row of Rhubarb Gone Wild, McMunn Farm, Bessemer Road

63 Log Barns, McMunn Farm, Bessemer Road, East of Highway 28

64 The Maple Syrup Boiling Shack, Bonfield, Ontario

65 The Barn and the Buzz Saw, Maxwell Settlement Road, Bancroft Ontario

66 In Need of Some Repairs, Barn South of L'Amable on Highway 62 South

67 Early Log Barn McMunn Farm, Bessemer Road Near Upper Hermon

68 The Chicken Coop, McGibbon Farm, Detlor Road Near L'Amable

69 Pioneer Cabin One of many old pioneer cabins along Highway 41

70 Square Timbers, Boards and Cedar Shingles, St. Ola Road East of Highway 62 South

71 Barn or House? This Old Log Building Was on the St. Ola Road

72 Log Home with Tar Paper Over Boards on Roof, Near McArthur Mills, Old Highway 500 East

73 Tiny Log Home, Another Smaller Cabin on the St. Ola Road

74 The Drive Shed on Side Road Near Rutherglen

75 Hip Roof Barn, East of Bonfield On The Road To Rutherglen

76 Where Snow Meets the Sky, Perched On A Hill Near Rutherglen

77 The Barn, The Shed and the Lightning Rods, Road To Rutherglen

78 Barn at Edge of Marsh, Highway 17 Near North Bay

79 Little Cabin on Point of Land, Near Worthington Mine, West of Sudbury Old Highway 17 West

80 Old Timber Railway Bridge to Inco's Worthington Mine, Worthington Road West of Sudbury

81 Turn of Century Barns, Old Highway 17 West of Lively, Sudbury Area

82 Old Barn and Implements, Old Highway 17 West of Sudbury

83 Steel Wheeled Manure Spreader, Old Highway 17 West of Sudbury

84 Turn of the Century Barn Still in Use, Old Highway 17 West of Lively

85 Tin Covered Home, Highway 400 South of Barrie

86 Only The Silo Stands, Highway 400 South of Barrie

87 Hip Roof Barn, 400 South of Barrie

88 The Red Brick School House, Corner of Highway 89 and 3rd Line of Mono Township

89 Simple Stone and Board Barn, North Side Highway 89 and 3rd Line Mono Township

90 Old Barn and Bare Trees Near Highway, Acton Area

91 Old Barn & Shed, Wanup Road South of Sudbury

92 Implement Shed, Along The Wanup Road

93 Small Log Cabin, Wanup Road

94 Board and Log Shed, Old Wanup Road

95 The Skeleton! 3rd Line Mono Township

96 Old Church, Clarke Lake Road, Bancroft

97 Small Pioneer Buildings, Rutherglen Road

98 The Small Silo, 3rd Line Mono Township

99 Small Barn and Tiny Brook, Country Road Near Rutherglen

100 A Barn, Two Silos and a Field of Dead Grass, Highway 89 West of Alliston

101 Square Timbers, Round Logs and Narrow Boards, Country Road Near Bonfield

102 The Mystery Building, Rutherglen

103 Manure Spreaders and Strange Barn Boards, Near Rutherglen

104 Barns and Rows of Hay, Cookstown, Highway 89, West of Highway 27

105 Small Log Stable, Highway 17 Near North Bay


107 Prospectors Log Cabins, Lorrian Valley Road Near Silver Centre

108 New Roof, Old Boards, and Lots of Open Holes, Lorrain Valley Road

109 Old Barns in Historic Setting, Lorrain Valley Road

110 Old Log Blacksmith Shop, Lorrain Valley Road

111 Pictured above is the old blacksmiths anvil

111 Here we see the old steel vise sitting atop the rotting floor boards

112 Old Pioneer Cabin, Lorrian Valley Road

113 Unique Barn and Wooden Silo, Lorrain Valley Road

114 LETS REMEMBER WHY AND HOW WE ARE HERE. A tribute to those who came before us and toiled in this foreboding land with unforgiving nature.

114 Hard Days, Long Lonely Nights. The Pioneer Women Of Old Ontario