Sketches in Script

Sketches in Script

The fourth annual collection from the annual Northern Ontario Poetry Competition launched Saturday October 23rd, 1999 in the Valley Room of the Quality Inn, Highway 11 New Liskeard at 2:00 pm. Many thanks to those who attended.

Sketches in Script is the collection of winning poetry from the fourth (1999) Northern Ontario Poetry Competition co-sponsored by the Canadian Authors Association and White Mountain Publications, New Liskeard.

In keeping with the Canadian Authors Association motto of "Writers Helping Writers", this annual competition encourages and assists the development of new and existing poetic talents in the Northern Ontario region as defined by Canada Post's postal code beginning with the letter P.

Annual Competition Rules

ISBN: 1-896331-74-2 | WMPub #1083 | 5½" x 8½" chapbook
64 pages | $5.95 CDN

Table of Contents


From The Judge

Prize Winning Selections

First Prize Winner

Richard Smith of Hanmer for Night Music

Second Prize Winner

Wayne Brown of Dryden for Score

Third Prize Winner

Marianne Jones of Thunder Bay for Shadowlands

First Honourable Mention

Ruthanne Fecteau of Hilton Beach for The Lesson

Second Honourable Mention

Beulah Mooneyof North Bay for A Poem is Born

Third Honourable Mention

David Chirko of Sudbury for Resurrection Of A Banana

Judge's Selections

Stella Arezza of Kapuskasing for The Memory of Enzo Altobelli

Wayne Brown of Dryden for The Catholic Kids, Relationship, Virus

David B Duchesne of Kapuskasing for To A Doughnut

Ruthanne Fecteau of Hilton Beach for The Farm, Poppa, Offerings, A Tribute To My Friend, Technology

Naomi Grant of Sudbury for Mont Royal Autumn

Marianne Jones of Thunder Bay for Surprise Lake

Jerry Jordison of New Liskeard for Sun Dance, Houses Without Walls, Forgiveness, Armchair Hippie - Sequel

Beulah Mooney of North Bay for In Silence Waiting, Granddaughter at Four, Heartbreak, Serpent Talk

Arthur Quesnel of Sudbury for Aversion To Mirrors, Shower, Lullaby, The Passing of Etienne , Closure, Coffee Shop, In Hot Water

Richard Smith of Hanmer for Free Spirit, Pharisaism, Adrift, Faded Dreams of Colour

Ruth Ward of North Bay for Bill, The Man I Married

Jesslyn Wilkinson of Elk Lake for Mortal You