Horizons North

Horizons North

Horizons North is the collection of winning poetry from the fifth (2000) Northern Ontario Poetry Competition co-sponsored by the Canadian Authors Association, Temiskaming Branch and White Mountain Publications of New Liskeard.

In keeping with the Canadian Authors Association motto of "Writers Helping Writers", this annual competition encourages and assists the development of new and existing poetic talents in the Northern Ontario Region.

Annual Rules and Guidelines

The deadline for entries each year is May 31st.

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ISBN: 1-896331-72-6 | WMPub# 1084 | 68 pages, chapbook | $5.95 CDN

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements of the Temiskaming Branch, Canadian Authors Association and the Competition Coordinator

From The Judge - comments from Deborah Ranchuk (New Liskeard)


First Prize Winner:

Richard Smith of Hanmer for Ghost Trees

Second Prize Winner:

Alan Pearson of Huntsville for Winter Mood

Third Prize Winner:

Jerry Jordison of New Liskeard for paintings

Honourable Mentions:

First Honourable Mention:

Jerry Jordison of New Liskeard for Haiku

Second Honourable Mention:

Wayne Brown of Dryden for Settling In

Third Honourable Mention:

Catherine Gilbert of Huntsville for Where The Wild Creatures Rule

Judge's Selections:

Wayne Brown of Dryden for Cinderella st seventy, cruci/fiction, For Gail: Windsor 1956, and Your Memory Is Green

David Chirko of Sudbury for Ode To A Fire and Brimstone Preacher

Bernice Cleator of North Bay for Motherlove and Portrait

Eileen Devaney of New Liskeard for A Northern Song, Images of New Liskeard, In The Sanctuary, and The Wabi River

Ruthanne Fecteau of Hilton Beach for Grandma, Homecoming, and Priorities

Mark Gentil of Kapuskasing for In Eden, The Peaches; The Circle and the Ravens (Kap, 1999), and The Sure Thing Sunrise

Marianne Jones of Thunder Bay for Anniversary, Flight, and Gender Issues

Jerry Jordison of New Liskeard for Circus, Grand Canyon, No Fear, Raven's Flight and Wolf Eyes

Hillary Neill of Huntsville for The Forecast

Alan Pearson of Huntsville for Blue Mountain and Highway Bus Stop at Twilight

Richard Smith of Hamner for Cry, Mind Plane, Stanchion, Sun-whispers, The Gain, The Silence, Traveling to T.O. on a Tuesday, and Wednesday's Children