Northern Ontario Speaks

Twenty Years
NOPC Volume 20 -2015

Twenty Years is the name for the collection of winning poetry from the twentieth (2015) Northern Ontario Poetry Competition sponsored by White Mountain Publications, now from Cobalt, ON

In keeping with the Canadian Authors Association motto of "Writers Helping Writers", this annual competition encourages and assists the development of new and existing poetic talents in the Northern Ontario region as defined by Canada Post's postal code beginning with the letter P. (See map)

Winners are carefully chosen from the entries received from across Northern Ontario Postal Code P.

The Launch was held Saturday Sept 12, 2015 from 2-4 pm in the Classic Theatre, 30 Silver Street, Cobalt, just a couple of doors away from our new store. Go here for launch pictures Pictures from the Launch

Annual Rules and Guidelines

The deadline for entries each year is May 31st.

ISBN: 978-1-927541-53-1 | WMPub#1099 | 5½" x 8½" | 48 pages; Chapbook | $8.95

Table of Contents

Prize Winning Selections

First Prize Winner

Melanie Baschiera of Hearst ON for the poem The Chakra Tree

Second Prize Winner

Jerry Jordison of New Liskeard ON for the poem Indigestion

Third Prize Winner

Donald Bennett of Haileybury, ON for the poem Love and Loss at Timmy's Drive Thru

Honourable Mentions

Melanie Baschiera of Hearst ON for the poem Ode To My iphone

Greg Laurenceson of Elliot Lake ON for the poem An Old Poet Rambles

Mary Frost of Shuniah ON for the poem Warrior Woman

Judge's Selections

Those poets and poems included in this year's anthology, in alphabetical order by poet's last name, are:

Melanie Baschiera of Hearst for the poems A Hairstylist's List,, Juliet's Aversion to Mushrooms, Unite, Slam!

David Brydges of Cobalt for the poems Spirit of the Lake, Fire-Watch-Worker.

Linda-Bea Chambers of Kenabeek for the poems Chained, The Walk.

Karen Dick of Sault Ste. Marie for the poems Thaw, Blind River, Toronto.

Linda Duke of Elliot Lake for the poems Her Loving Hands, Unfailing

Mary Frost of Shuniah for the poems Warrior Woman, One Fall Morning, Mismatch.

Heather Hunting of Cobalt for the poem Mind Wanderings

Jerry Jordison of New Liskeard for the poems Accepting An Idea.

Annelinde A Kelly of Sudbury for the poem On The Picket Line.

Frances Koning of Jellicoe for the poems Chariot Race, Die Schopfung.

Greg Laurenceson of Elliot Lake for the poems I Remember, A Very Long Story, One Night On Beausoleil Island.

Jane Sargent Nodwell of North Bay for the poem The Next Round.

Judy Selinger of Longlac for the poems Hockey in Iceland, Perseverance.

Wendy Truscott of Baysville for the poems On Being Married Fifty-One Years, A Thin Place Revealed.

Final standings were announced at the Launch. Go here for launch picturesPictures from the Launch Thanks to all who have supported the NOPC.


Northern Ontario Poetry Competition Rules