Gordon Mitchell, Bush Pilot Family Memories and Movies cover

Gordon Mitchell, Bush Pilot
Family Memories and Movies
William Ronald Mitchell

Capturing many of the memories of the Mitchell family, William Ronald (Ron) Mitchell traces large, more recent, parts of the Mitchell family tree, and extensively traces his father's career as an early Northern Ontario pilot with Austin Airways and McIntyre Gold Mines.

Ron Mitchell

"Once you start turning the pages, you'll enjoy some fascinating Northern Ontario history, how the various family pioneers decided to take their chances in the North, how they succeeded in spite of the rigours of climate, geography, even poverty. The story of Gord Mitchell's aviation career alone will captivate you. Ron takes you in close to the exciting, essential and sometimes dangerous world of bush flying. He and his older brother, Bob, naturally absorbed all this and soaked up the spirit of aviation, Bob to the point of spending his professional years flying for TCA/Air Canada.

"In its way, Ron's book is as much a history of aviation as it is a family history. You'll revel in what is one of the best collections of bushplane photos. The adventures that go with the photos are just what you'd expect from supporting prospectors to fighting forest fires to serving remote First Nation and Inuit communities, to mercy missions. Ron finishes with a summary of his own working days, then adds some icing to the cake with the enclosed DVD based on Gord Mitchell's archival colour film. Ron got this digitized, then carefully catalogued it all. In it you'll enjoy such rare Northern scenes as igloo-building and whale hunting, and much more about bush flying from years gone by."

Larry Milberry, CANAV Publications

Included with the book is a DVD of Gordon Mitchell's movies made during his career, indexed for convenient review.

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