Northern Troubadour

Northern Troubadour
The Songs and Poems of Jim Sargent

Jim Sargent, more widely-known as "Singing Sarge," was born in 1925 and has lived in New Liskeard for five decades. Jim spent many years working in the logging industry in Northern Ontario. In his early 20s, he began writing poetry and setting it to music. He has performed his songs at various sporting venues across Canada and will still sing a song or two at special events. Jim passed his remaining time reading, penning his own distinct style of verse and indulging his passion for the game of golf.

Journey with Jim Sargent from Latchford, Ontario, where he was raised, to places like Halifax, Philadelphia and Montego Bay. He's the "official" poet laureate of Latchford says mayor George Lefebvre.

Go on a log drive with this "Northern Troubadour" down the Montreal River and meet colourful characters like Alphonse Letourneau and "Big" Fred Maille. Check out the glossary of logging terms so you'll know the meaning of strange words such as "geemo" and "peavey".Jim Sargent

Feel Jim take the pulse of our country as he tells us why he's proud to be Canadian and from Northern Ontario. He asks us to never forget the boys in khaki, navy and air force blue.

Jim's love for the"game" comes through loud and clear with his poems, "Take Me to the Brier", "Stanley Cup 1971" and his elegant portrayal of Frog's Breath Golf Course, located at Twin Lakes and owned by Peter Grant.

He touches on the politics of the Tritown area with "The Hospital Song" ( two new verses included) and "The Liquor Vote". Jim writes about local people and celebrities; from Bobby Orr and Sandra Schmirler to Dangerous Dean and Leo LaBine.

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Table of Contents

06 Singing Sarge

Latchford Memories

07 Latchford

08 A Country School--Class of '39

10 Remember

The Language of the Logs

12 The Log Drive

15 The Sleigh Haul

17 Murphy's Mill Pine

19 A Christmas Tale

21 Old Growth

23 A Vanished Breed

From Twin Lakes to Montego Bay

25 Frog's Breath

26 The Liquor Vote

27 Go Cubs Go

28 The Hospital Song

30 Cobalt Is For Me

32 Montego Bay

For the Love of the Game

34 Take Me to the Brier

36 Ode to the FGZ (Free Guard Zone)

38 The Curler

39 The Lads from Nipigon

41 Stanley Cup 1971

43 The Philly Flyers

This Land is Our Land

44 Pioneers

46 Of Trees and Bears

47 Autumn

48 Northern Ontario

50 Why I'm Proud to be Canadian

51 Dare We Forget

To the People

53 Dangerous Dean

54 Pookey Jones

56 Mike 'Straight From the Hip' McArthur

57 Roy Nightingale's Day

58 Bobby Orr "The Mighty, Rushing Defenceman"

60 Charlie Reid--To Sixty Years of Curling

61 Shirley

Rest in Peace

63 'Big' Fred Maille

66 Leo 'Peewee' Grozelle

67 Sandra Schmirler 'The Curler'

68 Ol' Professor Yeates

70 Denny 'Tazz' Gabriel

72 James Smyth

73 Sonny Moore

74 Leo 'Give and Take' LaBine

Please Bring Her Home

76 Melanie

77 More About the Poems

80 Logging Lingo: A Glossary of Logging Terms