They Stepped Into Immortality

They Stepped Into Immortality
The Stories Behind
the World War I Veterans
Listed On The New Liskeard Cenotaph
by André R. Maheu

Happy Andre Maheu with the first copy of his book

In André's own words:
"It all began on Sunday, November 11th, 2007. This particular Remembrance Day marked the 90th anniversary of the Canadian victory at Vimy Ridge during World War I. It was considered Canada's greatest victory throughout the war and the beginning of its march to nationhood. On that particular Sunday, accompanied by my niece and nephew, I decided to attend the ceremony at our local Cenotaph. It was a first for them. We arrived at 10:30 a.m. It was typical Remembrance Day weather: bitterly cold, damp, and dreary, but we were partially protected from the wind by the enclosures of the retail businesses facing the Cenotaph. Shortly before 11:00 a.m. a legionnaire walked up to the makeshift podium and read out the Honor roll of the local men who died during both wars. Devoid of emotion the voice droned: S. Alberta, R. Arnold, E. Arnold, B. Armstrong, ...

"As I listened to the names it suddenly dawned on me. Who were they? What drove these men to pay the ultimate sacrifice so that I could lead the life I presently did? How did they die? I was not going to get any answers listening to the Honor Roll. I couldn't even get their full names.

"The New Liskeard Cenotaph states that the local men who died in WW1 Stepped into Immortality, yet we are oblivious to the Cenotaph's existence or the names inscribed on it. We have forgotten how the families of the dead faced the reality of not seeing their loved ones again since most were buried in a strange and foreign land, or worse still, how the survivors felt."

And so began this book.

After years and massive amounts of diligent research, André now has his answers, and has chosen to share them with us.

To those who fall I say, You will not die, but step into immortality. Your mothers will not lament your fate, but will be proud to have borne such brave sons. Your names will be revered forever by your grateful country, and God will take you unto Himself.

From an address delivered by General Arthur Currie to his troops
in March 1918, just before another offensive.

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Table of Contents

Samuel James Alberta

Robert Wesley Armstrong

Edward William & Robert Ashmore Arnold

Gordon Herbert Ball

Lewin Avery Bass

Albert James Cameron

Alfred Bruce Clark

George Kirkham Cooper

Lawrence William Dalton

George Wesley Fulton

Oscar Edgar Gallagher

Enos Grant

Samuel Jonathan Wesley Hager

Arthur Hardman

Alvin Burns Hastings

Francis Cochrane Hermeston

Kilby Vicars Hickling

Herbert Hughes

James Michael Hunt

David Emmerson Irwin

Alfred Pool Johnson

Harold Johnson

Edgar Harold Jones

William Moses Kedey

William George Walter King

William George Lawrence

Duncan McKenzie

Angus McLean

Frederick William McMillan

Frederick Edward Meehan

Ira Benjamin Mees

Albert Norton Proctor Morgan

Matthew Overton

William John Owlett

James Peebles

Harold Austin Phillips

Alfred Ernest Pilkington

William John Pomphrey

Frederick Milburn Rhodes

Howard Challen Robinson

Samuel Robinson

Matthew Rutherford

Albert Saxby

Thomas Settle

Alexander Stanley Walter Stark

Frederick Russell Tellier

James Thom

Earle Trevail

William Wallace