Cobalt-The Cradle of Hard Rock Mining in Canada

The Cradle of Hard Rock
Mining in Canada
Doug Baldwin

Cobalt was the cradle of hard rock mining in Canada; it provided the impetus, the capital, the technology, and the exploration initiative for a half century of Canadian mining. The methods and advances in mining techniques pioneered in Cobalt paved the way, and in many cases funded, other large scale mining ventures. The Stock Exchange started in Cobalt, then drifted southward to Toronto. Hazards in Cobalt mining fueled union activity and worker's compensation legislation. This book captures in part the history in pictures and quotations from that time when silver mining made many rich, very quickly. It also, in part, captures the price Cobalt has paid for our knowledge.

In 2001, TV Ontario selected Cobalt as "Ontario's Most Historic Town of the Century" for its role in establishing Ontario's industrial economy. The following year the National Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada designated the Cobalt Mining District as a National Historic Site. This book is a tribute to those times.

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Table of Contents

3 Dedication

3 Acknowledgements

5 Introduction

9 The Silver Rush

23 From Prospecting To Mining

34 Surface Versus Mining Rights

40 Working Underground

43 Silver Production 1904-1922

52 New Power Sources For The Mines

59 Advances in Milling Technology

67 Ore Shipments From Selected Mines 1904--914

68 The End of the Silver