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The Prison of Self
by Verna J Bryan

Verna Bryan was a member of the Bahá'í Faith for over forty-four years. This is her first published work taken from her diary of daily visits to the Niagara Detention Centre in Thorold, Ontario, Canada. Sharing the Bahá'í Faith with different groups of male inmates was, to her, a personal experience never to be forgotten.

Verna J Bryan

Readers delve into the private thoughts of men incarcerated within this detention centre. The episodes told are true, allowing you to share in the spiritual, uplifting, serious and humorous discussions within the confines of barred walls. The book shares with you a glimpse of the 'Valley of Search' these men experience, along with portions of Bahá'í solutions in answer to their quest.

It was written with the hope it may give you pleasure, and ideas to foster and extend your personal teaching to others.

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