We Live A Life and Then Some

Industrial Cathedrals of the North
photos by Louie Palu
text by Charlie Angus

Headframes dominate the landscape of mining communities in Northeastern Ontario and Northwestern Quebec. Distinctive structures built to house the apparatus at the head of the mine shaft, headframes tower above their surroundings, reminding every resident that without the mine, there would be no reason for their settlement to exist.

For several years, photographer Louie Palu and writer Charlie Angus have been documenting historic mining sites in the north. Many of these have since been erased from the landscape. But the stories are worth capturing, and it is beautifully done in this book.

Co-produced with Prise de parole, all text is in both French and English. The photos have a language all their own.

ISBN: 9781896357188 | WMPub#1160 | 12" x 9"
112 pages; trade paperback; silk gloss paper | $24.95