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Cal Taylor
The War Years
by Calvin James Taylor,
edited by Patricia Taylor

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Born in Timmins, Cal attended school and grew up in Cobalt. After applying for Enlistment in 1940 at age 23, he was called up by the RCAF and served overseas 1941-1945. Trained as a fighter pilot, he flew mainly with RAF squadrons. Cal flew Spitfires in the Defense of Malta, at El Alamein in North Africa, and he provided air cover and carried out ground attacks against targets before, during and after the D-Day landings in Normandy.

He met and married his bride, Vi, in England while his squadron was stationed there. Back in Canada with Vi and their growing family, Cal's passion for flying landed him employment with mining exploration companies in the Arctic, Northern Ontario and Quebec. Well into his eighties, Cal sat down at his computer and wrote about his life. His main sources were his own keen memory, family papers, his military log books and his diaries. The project took him several years. When the writing was done, he scanned a wealth of photographs and other documents to illustrate his story.

He then handed off the document to his daughter to "do with it what you think best."

Cal Taylor

This book represents the chapters he wrote about his military service as a fighter pilot during the Second World War, and his return to civilian life in his hometown of Cobalt, Ontario, with his English bride, Vi, and their son Jim. This book spans the period from 1941 up to the point when in 1951 he re-enlisted in the RCAF. In 2014, the 70th anniversary of D-Day, Cal was one of 650 Canadian veterans a grateful Republic of France decorated with the title, Knight of the Legion of Honour.

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Table of Contents

3 Dedication

6 High Flight

7 Prologue

7 Victoria Lake and the Hamiltons

8 Cal's Folks

9 Cal's First Flight

11 Enlistment

12 My Short Stint in the Army

13 RCAF Induction in Toronto

14 Victoriaville Initial Traning School

15 Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Elementary Flying School

17 Camp Borden

18 First Leave in Cobalt

20 Cobalt to Halifax by Train for Embarcation

20 Crossing the Atlantic

21 To Bournemouth

21 Training at Aston Down

23 My First Spitfire

27 To Northern Ireland

31 Enter George Beurling

32 To Sea

34 Gibraltar

44 Take Off From The Carrier HMS Eagle

46 Arrival at Malta

48 RAF 601 Squadron Engage the Enemy

53 In Egypt

58 A Short Visit to Palestine

58 Back to Egypt

59 RAF 127 Squadron

64 The Battle of El Alamein

83 Back to the UK

88 Operations over France

90 D-Day

92 Drama in the Air

103 Leave in Canada

111 United Kingdom 1945

114 Back in Canada

115 July 1946 Vi and Jimmy Arrive

116 Working for McNamara

118 Our Own Place

118 Bass Lake Cottage

120 Working at The Colonial Mill

122 Building The Cottage at Bass Lake

125 Back with McNamara Construction

128 Re-enlistment 1951

129 Epilogue

131 Knight of the Legion of Honour

133 Obituary

134 Endnotes

135 Bibliography