Old Silos, Wind Mills and Grist Mills cover

Old Silos, Wind Mills And Grist Mills
by Dave R. Hanes

This book comes about from countless trips across Ontario, into New York State, the south shore of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec, northern Vermont, part of Maine, New Hampshire and into Canada's Atlantic Provinces. As in my other books already published it take an enormous amount of time and thousands of travel miles. I travel in conversion vans and so am self-sufficient: I sleep, cook and eat in the van and also carry two laptop computers for downloading the photos. author Dave HanesCountless photos are taken and downloaded, the best are chosen for inserting onto each page along with information text. Schoharie County is one of my favorite places to drive. A large county map shows a network of highways secondary highways and very narrow county roads with almost no shoulders. On my large map my partner colors each road we travel with colored marker so that we do not drive in circles over the same roads. My big map now resembles a spider's web of orange and red markers.

Table of Contents

ISBN: 978-1-927541-98-2 | WMPub#1168 | 8" x 8"
106 pages; 114 photos; trade paperback | $27.95

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Table of Contents

5 Introduction

7 Silos

8 A Gem From Schoharie County New York

9 The Glory Of Fall Colors Approaches In Upstate Vermont Fall 2011

12 Old Silo Highway 411, New York State

13 Silo Intact Except For The Missing Roof

14 Another Silo Along Highway 37, New York State

15 Near Beckwicked Highway 26, New York State

16 Covered In Vines

17 Two Silos And Remnants Of Old Barn

18 Silo In A Picturesque Valley

19 From Atop The Hills Overlooking The Deer River Valley

20 The Old And The New On Route 26 New York State

21 Three In A Row On Route 26 Loweville New York State

22 Silo Among The Ruins Of Barns And Buildings

23 Route 14 New York State

24 Beyond The Field Of Uncut Hay Sits The Silo

25 Tall Slim Silo With Many Oval Vents

26 Blackberry Road, Schoharie County New York State

27 The New And The Old, The Short And The Tall. Panther Lake Area, N.Y.

28 Silos From Panther Lake Area

29 Red Barns-Green Grass On Good Secondary Highway

29 Old Boarding House Rte. 30 North

30 Another Very Old Boarding House Rte. 177

31 Hip Roof Barn And Old Silo

32 Along The Winding Wetsell Hollow Road, Schoharie County

33 A Unique Mix

34 Two Very Old Log Barns Wetsel Hollow Road

35 Segendorf Corners

36 Segendorf Corners

37 Bobs Barn, A Rustic Cabin Has New Life

38 View Across To The Mountains

39 Stained Glass Window Lester Road Church

40 At The End Of The Gravel Driveway

41 My Kind Of Silo

42 What Lurks Below

43 Dave At Old Stone Gristmill, St. Lawrence River In Background

44 My Favourite Red Firebrick Silo, Barrel Road

45 Old Mill And Waterwheel

46 Changing Colour

47 Behind The Blenheim Church On The Hill

48 Almost Missed This One

49 Silo Amidst Stone Rubble

49 Hip Roof Barn, Cement Silo, Stone Wall

50 Silo And Tin Barn

51 The Millstone

52 Standing As A Sentinel Against Invading Forces Now A Lighthouse, Once A Stone Military Tower High On A Hill Overlooking The St. Lawrence River- Gananoque

53 Battle Of The Windmill, Prescott, ON.

54 Peggys Cove

56 Wind-Powered Gristmill Trans-Canada Highway, Quebec

57 Another Wind-Powered Gristmill, Trans-Canada Highway In Quebec

58 Two Views Of The Former Wind-Powered Gristmill In Prescott, Ontario

59 Resting At The Edge Of The Bush, North Side Of Highway 401 Near Kingston, Ontario

60 The Old Homestead, Silo And Barn All Clustered Together

61 Old Silo, 3rd Line, Mono Township

62 Another Farm Left To Endure Mother Natures Wrath, Mono Township

63 Silo And Remains Of Barn, Highway 400, South Of Barrie, Ontario

64 Two Silos And Barn, Highway 89 West Of Cookstown, Ontario

65 Silo On Side Hill Between Madoc And Banockburn Ontario

66 Wooden Silo And Outbuildings, Central New York State

67 Another Eight Sided Wooden Silo In Warren, Ontario, East Of Sudbury

68 Eight-Sided Wooden Silo In Winter

69 Another Year Passes And Still It Stands

70 Small Silo Nestled Between Trees And Summer Flowers, Fonda New York

71 Narrow Highways Through Farm Country Offer Many Picturesque Scenes

72 Leaning Silo And Tin Roofed Barn, Wetsel Hollow Road, Schoharie County

73 Gone Without A Trace, Terrance Mountain Road

74 Silo Almost Hidden From Sight, Junction Route 7 And Route 30

75 Still In Operation- The Cavern Creek Mill

76 Silo In Good Condition On Country Road In Schoharie County, New York.

77 Vine Covered Silo, Barnerville Road, Schoharie County

78 Multi-coloured Firebrick Silo, Route 20 New York State

79 Inside the Multi-coloured Firebrick Silo, Route 20 New York State

80 Rusting Peak And Rotting Cement, Route 5 Near Fonda, New York

81 Summer Camp, Curry Town

82 Photo Album From My Journeys

85 My Travels Are Far From Over

86 Wind-Powered Grist Mill

87 A Strange Little Silo Beside A Secondary Highway, New York

88 Another Neglected Beauty In New York State

89 Fresh Red Paint On The Barn

90 A Sunny Spring Day, A Silo In Good Condition

91 Silos In Village Of Munnsville, New York

92 Silos In Village Of Munnsville, New York

93 Stone Tower At Prescott, Ontario

94 Narrow Winding County Road On Route 5 To Fonda.

95 A Stone Castle-like Mansion Across the Street From The Silos

96 Zeus, Having A Front Row Seat As The Sun Goes Down

97 Author Near Base Of Old Stone Fortification

97 With A View Across The River To The U.S.A.

98 Small Narrow Board Cabin And Sturdy Cement Silo

99 Windmill, Fortress Now A Lighthouse

100 The Weather Vane

101 Just A Cool Pic

102 Flour Silos, Notre Dame Avenue, Sudbury, Ontario

103 Flour Silos, Notre Dame Avenue, Sudbury, Ontario

104 Eight Sided Wooden Silo, Lorrain Valley, Cobalt Area, Ontario

105 Minekill Falls Route 30