Old Silos, Wind Mills And Grist Mills
by Dave R. Hanes


This book comes about from countless trips across Ontario, into New York State, the south shore of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec, northern Vermont, part of Maine, New Hampshire and into Canada's Atlantic Provinces. As in my other books already published it take an enormous amount of time and thousands of travel miles. I travel in conversion vans and so am self-sufficient: I sleep, cook and eat in the van and also carry two laptop computers for downloading the photos. Countless photos are taken and downloaded, the best are chosen for inserting onto each page along with information text. Schoharie County is one of my favorite places to drive. A large county map shows a network of highways secondary highways and very narrow county roads with almost no shoulders. On my large map my partner colors each road we travel with colored marker so that we do not drive in circles over the same roads. My big map now resembles a spiders web of orange and red markers.

ISBN: 9781927541982 | WMPub#1168 | 8" x 8"
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