Wildflowers of the North

Wildflowers of the North
by Ruby Gibbins Bryan
and illustrated by
Muriel Newton-White


Canada is a fortunate land in the variety and diversity of its wildflowers. There is infinite enjoyment in observing them through the seasons from their hesitant emergence in early spring until they appear to be locked away forever by the winter snows. Now our bouyant recollections can be sustained most interestedly by references to the clear, concise and accurate descriptive information and the exciting drawings and beautiful script in Wildflowers of the North.

The love of wildflowers is enduring and their recognition is enlightening. Canadians young and old, but perhaps especially young, are fortunate indeed that two such talented and industrious gardeners as Ruby Gibbins Bryan and Muriel Newton- White have collaborated to produce this new and authoritative book on the Sample colour plate flowers of our northern lands. The text by Mrs. Bryan speaks of the work of the dedicated horticulturist and botanist that members of the Ontario Horticultural Association know her to be. She also is a Past President of that organization and very prominent in gardening matters in her home community of Englehart. The art work is by Miss Newton-White, as is the uniquely clear and appropriate calligraphy. All important characters of each plant are shown distinctly and correctly, while each sketch is a classic in its own right, and heralds the work of a brilliant artist and botanical illustrator. (See both the black and white and colour sample pages to see for yourself.)

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ISBN: 0-88954-156-6 | WMPub#1178 | Hard Cover 7" x 9" | 224 pages illustrations, sketches and colour plates | $29.95

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Table of Contents


References Consulted

Foward by Dr.R.J. Hilton

Introductory Notes

Note from the Artist

Note from the Author

Plant Propagation

Explanation of Terms

"In Trust" a poem by Ruby Gibbins Bryan

Families of Flowering Plants

Three Extra Plants

Fun with Dried Flowers

A Page of Weeds, In Miniature

A Page of "Wild" Garden Flowers, in Miniature

Index of English Names of Plants

Index Français(Names of all the plants in French)

Index of Scientific Names