Temiskaming Treasure Trails The Earliest Years

Temiskaming Treasure Trails
The Earliest Years (Vol.1)
by Peter Fancy

Measureless winds and suns chipped volcanic peaks down into ocean depths, and glaciers shaved earthquake folds flat. Then after water filled the rift valley of Lake Temiskaming, creature life crept on to the land. And later people came. Wandering through thick forests, they hunted wild game for food, clothes and shelter. ... Held close by families, though, the tribe grew strong in this home of sky, earth and trees.

In 1534, Jacques Cartier sailed up the St. Lawrence River in search of China, but revealed instead a lush wealth of Canadian furs. So Champlain, sixty-nine years later, with monopoly fur trade in mind, settled a Canadian colony at Quebec. Yet jealous Dutch and English traders would agitate the Iroquois to scalp the French and their Huron friends. New France shrieked treason when Radisson and Groseilliers persuaded London, England, merchants to start the Company of Adventurers of England Trading into Hudson's Bay. And then began the story of Temiskaming Treasure Trails.

The first book of Temiskaming Treasure Trails closes as two hundred years of wilderness fur trade surrender to tree chopping, church building, land ploughing settlers.

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List of Illustrations

01. Canada Lands

02. Distribution of Indian Tribes

03. St. Germain's Temiskaming journey

04. Compagnie du Nord, Lake Temiskaming Post

05. Montreal River notched gullet

06. De Troyes' Lake Temiskaming route

07. Part of Bellin's map, Des Lacs Du Canada

08. Province of Quebec

09. Philip Turnor's map

10. Temiskaming Trails map

11. Upper Canada

12. Moose River Mouth

13. North West Company posts

14. Camboose cook

15. Temperatures Table

16. Ojibway Indian Chief and Wife

17. Rivers Ottawa and Mattawa

18. Fort Temiskaming

19. Lumber Depot

20. Mass in a lumber shanty

21. Settler's shanty

22. Fort Temiskaming

23. St. Claude Mission

24. Des Joachim's Landing

25. Lake Temiskaming Narrows -Father Paradis' drawing

26. John Turner and wife

27. Fort Abitibi looking west

28. Fort Abitibi looking east

29. Fort Abitibi dock

30. Temiskaming Indian Families

31. Mattawa 1882, Father Paradis' drawing

32. Opernican

33. Lakes Temiskaming settlements -1884

34. Advice for settlers