Temiskaming Treasure Trails 1910-1915

Temiskaming Treasure Trails
1910-1915 Vol. 5
by Peter Fancy

Out of the 1910 struggles for minerals, lumber, hydro power and roads, New Ontario continues to grow. Beginning to charge the mines and mills of Cobalt, electricity from river dams on the Matabitchuan and Montreal overflows into Temiskaming towns. Noah Timmins outbids Cobalt rival, M.J. O'Brien, for the golden quartz of Porcupine and shapes his future role in Canadian mining. Riled by insolent Nipissing Central Railway's tracks, the older T.&N.O. first scorns the trolley car antics then wins them over in a convenient marriage; branch and spur line children follow into Porcupine, Iroquois Falls, Elk Lake, Haileybury and New Liskeard. While more mine, sawmill, farm sidings bristle up and down the main north-south line. And surveyors measure mileages beyond to James Bay.

author Peter Fancy

Miners hoist more silver up Cobalt shafts than ever before, but its metal price goes down. Townsites rise around the discoveries of Porcupine, but forest fires level them flat. And two Englishmen find gold beside Kirkland Lake. Then an American talks of more beneath.

Cobalt's mines, Haileybury's judicial seat, New Liskeard's farms lead the northern Ontario way. From Quebec's remote Lake Temiskaming shore smoke-stack steamers trade passengers and cargoes with Ontario docks. Tugboats tow provincial logs between. Whirring along the lake's western ridge from Kerr Lake Junction, Cobalt, Mileage 104, Argentite, North Cobalt, Haileybury, Moore's Cove to New Liskeard, trolley cars ring a community bond.

Yet Tri-Town jobs will grow scarce. The lower price of silver drives smaller mines to close. A stale demand for lumber slows sawmill dust. Then a war in Europe starts. And soldiers march away, leaving Temiskaming to tougher times.

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1. Bellellen Mine, Silver Centre

2. Old Fire Hall, Sharpe Street, New Liskeard

3. The Cobalt Song

4. Cobalt Mess

5. Dome Mine, Porcupine

6. First official N.C.R. trolley arrives at Haileybury

7. Ferguson Avenue, Haileybury

8. Silver Centre government dock, steamer Jubilee arriving

9. A winter sleigh ride

10. Cobalt Square

11. Grill's store, May Street, New Liskeard

12. New Liskeard view from south, looking towards spur line and LakeShore Road intersection, Bishop's Palace and George Taylor house

13. Haileybury N.C.R. trolley tracks, Ferguson Avenue and Browning Street comer

14. Baseball game at Farr's Park, Haileybury

15. Baseball game spectators, Haileybury

16. Atkinson's Main Street house, Haileybury, 1910

17. View of Lake Temiskaming, LakeShore Road, Haileybury

18. Map, Cobalt mining properties

19. A Coleman township road

20. McKinley-Darragh hockey team

21. Haileybury baseball championship team, 1910

22. McKinley-Darragh staff

23. Crown Reserve Mine

24. Nova Scotia mine and mill

25. Flow sheet, Cobalt stamp mills

26. Coniagas stamp mill

27. Campbell and Deyell sampling plant, Cobalt

28. Unloading horses for Elk Lake, at Flat Rapids

29. Changing Montreal River boats, Flat Rapids portage

30. Wettlaufer-Lorrain Mine

31. Miner's home and family, Silver Centre

32. Map, mineral discoveries, 1903-1909

33. Hollinger mining camp, Porcupine, 1911

34. Northern Customs Concentrators, Cobalt

35. Compressed air blow at Ragged Chutes, Montreal River

36. Haileybury waterfront, foot of Main Street, 1911

37. Coniagas Mine, Nipissing's Meyer shafthouse in foreground, Cobalt

38. Street car, Main Street-Ferguson Avenue intersection, Haileybury

39. Cobalt T.&N.O. station

40. First Porcupine T.&N.O. branch line train

41. Golden City, Porcupine

42. Dome Mine fire survivors, July 11, 1911

43. Golden City, Porcupine

44. Golden City, Porcupine

45. N.C.R. trolley terminal, Vendome Hotel, Haileybury

46. Haileybury Presbyterian church and manse, 1911

47. Cobalt football team, August 14, 1911

47. Tom Longboat race, Farr Park, August 19, 1911

48. Foster's Main Street house, Haileybury

49. Brown farm, Chamberlain township

50. North Cobalt T.&N.O. station

51. Assumption Convent being built. Nellie Codd and daughter Dorothy in foreground, Haileybury.

52. Cobalt mines' record silver production, 1911

53. Cobalt silver vein, Temiskaming Mine

54. Cobalt mining dividends, 1911

55. Old Mission picnic, Lake Temiskaming

56. Cobalt view from south end of Cobalt Lake

57. New Liskeard T.&N.O. station

58. Piched Point wharf, Lake Temiskaming

59. J.A. Dunseath's Livery, Meridian Avenue, Haileybury

60. Haileybury's new Methodist church, 1912

61. Haileyburians at N.C.R. stop, Vendome Hotel

62. N.C.R. trolley turns at Blackwall Street-Ferguson Avenue comer, Haileybury

63. Lang Street, east side up from Square, Cobalt

64. Lang Street looking towards T.&N.O. station, Cobalt

65. Matabanick Hotel front porch, original Haileybury Public School in background

66. Haileybury fire engine and hose wagon practice beside Preston's store

67. Herbert Day, Russel Street home front yard, Haileybury

68. Haileybury business section summary, 1912

69. Holy Cross Cathedral, Convent and Dr. Codd's house, Haileybury

70. Cobalt fire, June 5, 1912

71. Cobalt fire ruins, June 6, 1912

72. Cobalt fire ruins June 6, 1912

73. Boats docked at Haileybury

74. Maple Leaf Hotel, Haileybury

75. Cobalt Foundry, Campbell and Deyell's plant at viewer's right

76. Temagami T.&N.O. station

77. Stitt House, Broadway Street, Haileybury

78. New Presbyterian church, Haileybury

79. Haileybury view from lake

80. Cobalt T.&N.O. station, burned Cobalt Hotel at viewer's left, Opera House at viewer's right

81. Energite Explosives Company staff, Haileybury

82. Map, West Road, Bucke township, 1912

83. Map, West Road, Firstbrook township, 1912

84. McKinley-Darragh-Savage orehouse

85. Lake Shore Road, Haileybury

86. Cobalt T.&N.O. station interior

87. Cobalt mining stock prices, 1907-1912

88. McKinley-Darragh stope work

89. Walter Little's Royal Mail team leaves for Kirkland Lake

90. Harry Holland, Bob Young, Alec Gillies, Weldon Young at T.&N.O. station, Haileybury

91. Map, Cobalt-Porcupinc-Sudbury mining region

92. Cobalt Comet (Drummond) Mine, Kerr Lake, Dr. Drummond's house at top

93. Englehart, T.&N.O. station in background, King Edward Hotel at viewer's right

94. Swastika village

95. Haileybury children

96. McKinley-Darragh Mil

97. New Liskeard championship bowling team, 1913

98. W.H. Elliott store interior, Armstrong Street, New Liskeard

99. Canada House Hotel across Wabis River, Upper Ontario Steamboat Company building at viewer's foreground left, New Liskeard

100. Train crosses Blanche River bridge, Englehart

101. Lumsden Mining Company, Brady Lake, Coleman township; Mines Power substation on background hill

102. New Liskeard swimmers at Sharp's Landing

103. New Liskeard Public School

104. Meteor steams up to Haileybury dock

105. Laird and Routly tent office, Porcupine, 1910

106. N.C.R. employee wage statement, 1914

107. Map, N.C.R. trolley route

108. Nipissing Mine's silver bullion shipment, February, 1914

109. Tough-Oakes bunkhouse

110. Springtime mud, New Liskeard

111. City of Cobalt Mine

112. Cobalt Townsite Mine

113. Elk Lake townsite

114. Elk Lake townsite

115. Haileybury race track, Farr's Park

116. Haileybury Reunion, July 13-18, 1914

117. George T. and Rosemary Smith

118. Haileybury Re-Union, July 13-18, 1914

119. City of Haileybury, steamship

120. Meteor picnickers, Montreal River Landing

121. Haileybury Public School entrance class, 1914

122. Charlton hydro electric power plant

123. Firemen's Reception, New Liskeard, August 18, 1914

124. New Liskeard harbour and dock

125. Northern Customs Concentrators, Mileage 104 mill

126. Cobalt Square

127. Draining Cobalt Lake, November 28, 1914

128. Cobalt district mines summary, 1914

129. New Liskeard T.&N.O. station

130. Valcartier military camp

131. Soldiers embarking, at ease behind Ferguson Avenue Public School, Haileybury

132. Soldiers embarking, top of Main Street at T.&N.O. station grounds, Haileybury

133. Dr. Henry Robinson Codd, wife Nellie and daughter Dorothy, Haileybury, 1914

134. Camp Borden army camp

135. New Liskeard wharf, January 22, 1915

136. Savage Mine mill dumps

137. Aerial tramway to Nipissing Mill, Cobalt

138. Eplett's ice cream factory, New Liskeard

139. Presbyterian church picnic, New Liskeard

140. Ville Marie dock, Lake Temiskaming

141. Dunbar Planing Mill fire, July 13, 1915

142. Haileybury fire hose wagon

143. Ed Faragher, Haileybury

144. Buffalo Mine's tailings pile

145. Draining Cobalt Lake, September 2, 1915

146. Jeanette and George Hamilton, LakeShore Road, Haileybury

147. Jory family, LakeShore Road, Haileybury

148. Olga and Stella Sirr

149. Sirr Boarding house, Murray Street, New Liskeard

150. Haileybury Armory

151. McKinley- Darragh Mill sand tables

152 O'Brien Mine and Mill, Cobalt

153. Lake Temiskaming geology