Temiskaming Treasure Trails 1916-1922

Temiskaming Treasure Trails
1916-1922 Vol. 6
by Peter Fancy

Besides crushing the fields of France and cities of Belgium the European, war tramples the daily lives of Temiskaming. Too few men are left to work the silver and gold mines. Too little food and clothing are left over from the war effort. Then another bush fire smothers hundreds of people fleeing along the ribbon of T.&N.O. line from Cochrane to Sesekinika. And blacker grew Temiskaming newspaper pages already filled with weekly lists of war casualties in Europe.

author Peter Fancy

Since 1911, Cobalt's mines found less and less silver. And then the metal's price declines. Priced so low many of the starving mines had to close. Yet at war's end the price bounces so high even the hungriest mines can boast of rich earnings. Then the price slips back. And those mines crippled by shrunken veins no longer have the money to find new silver strength. After fifteen years of lusty life, they now collapse.

Out of the wealth and skills of Cobalt days, though, the mines of Porcupine and Kirkland Lake were born. And prospectors who once picked apart the township rocks of Cobalt, Elk Lake, Gowganda, Larder Lake and Abitibi are burrowing ever deeper into the Temiskaming bush. Out of the lost wilderness of New Ontario has emerged the clear-eyed character of Temiskaming mines, farms and tourist takes. While every year pioneer settlers bare their muscles to colour more of this ancient Laurentian land a lasting pink.

It was still a dangerous land for on October 4, 1922, another monstrous fire burns holes across the map of Temiskaming. Careless wind-crazed flames swell from the Montreal River through Charlton east to North Temiskaming, through Haileybury south to the edge of Cobalt. Always a dangerous land, one in which the peoples of Temiskaming learn to live together..

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1. Beaver Consolidated Mine

2. New Liskeard market place

3. Sirr's New Liskeard store

4. Coniagas and Nipissing mines

5. Nipissing Stamp Mill

6. Iroquois Hotel fire, South Porcupine, May 24, 1916

7. Rahn Bees Company

8. Captain Magladery and fellow army officers in France, No. 3 Company, 15th Battalion

9. Nipissing Central Railway employee wages, 1916

10. Haileybury market building, PA130105

11. New Liskeard fire brigade wagon

12. Casey-Cobalt Nfine, Casey township

13. Buffalo Mine

14. Recruitment parade, Ferguson Avenue, Haileybury

15. Prospect Avenue, Cobalt

16. Cobalt, North Cobalt, Haileybury, New Liskeard T.&N.O. employees

17. Cobalt view, 1916

18. Canadian army camp, Salisbury Plain, England, 1917

19. Rev. John Popey

20. James Nathaniel White

21. New Liskeard wharf

22. Ferry crossing Quinze River, North Temiskaming, Quebec

23. N.C.R. trolley, Ferguson Avenue, Haileybury

24. Map: Teck township mining ground

25. Crown Reserve Mine

26. New Liskeard Presbyterian church pageant

27. Haileybury view from Lake Temiskaming

28. New Liskeard funeral

29. Elk Lake hotels, advertisement

30. Diagram: diabase sill, Cobalt

31. Chambers-Ferland Mine

32. Hollinger stope, Porcupine

33. Dome Lake Mine, Porcupine

34. New Liskeard army recruit

35. Eplett's new factory, New Liskeard

36. Lake Shore Road between Florence and Probyn streets, Haileybury

37. Haileybury lakeside view

38. Haileybury market

39. N.C.R. snowplow

40. Cobalt Lake drained dry

41. Pittsburgh Lorrain (Currie) Mine

42. Temiskaming temperatures, 1895-1918, Haileybury Meteorological Station

43. Brewster Street houses, Haileybury

44. Springtime walk, New Liskeard

45. New Liskeard Opera House

46. Providence Hospital, Haileybury

47. Rear of Montgomerys' house, moustached Bill Wright sitting with friends

48. Montgomery's First Street houses, Haileybury

49. Meteor trip

50. Teck-Hughes Mine

51. New Liskeard Fall Fair, 1919

52. New Liskeard Fall Fair, 1919

53. New Liskeard Fall Fair, 1919

54. Haileybury huntsmen

55. N.C.R. trolley, Armstrong Street, New Liskeard

56. Tough-Oakes-Burnside Mine, Kirkland Lake

57. Prince of Wales reception, Cobalt T.&N.O. station, October 17, 1919

58. Prince of Wales reception Cobalt T.&N.O. station, October 17, 1919

59. Cobalt, North Cobalt, Haileybury, New Liskeard T.&N.O. employees, 1919

60. Haileybury business advertisements

61. Trethewey Cobalt Silver Mine

62. Hawkesworth's beach garden farm, New Liskeard

63. Horse and buggy

64. Cobalt business advertisements

65. North Cobalt Public School

66. N.C.R. trolley, Whitewood Avenue, New Liskeard

67. Map: Haileybury businesses, 1920

68. Cobalt reduction mill

69. Cobalt, Elk Lake, Gowganda, Englehart T.&N.O. telegraph and telephone employees, 1920

70. Royal Exchange building, Cobalt

71. North Cobalt T.&N.O. station

72. Wallace and Carr blocks, Cobalt, 1913

73. Cobalt mines' silver production, 1904-1920

74. Norman Strong's Rorke Avenue house, Haileybury

75. Arthur Slaght's Georgina Avenue house, Haileybury

76. Swastika business advertisements

77. New Liskeard business advertisements

78. Frontier and Keeley mines, Silver Centre

79. Foster's hunt camp, Temiskaming Height's subdivision, Haileybury

80. Grading the golf links, Haileybury

81. Nathaniel and Mary Jane White, Haileybury

82. North Cobalt Public School, grade IV class, 1921v

83. Lakeshore Road north, Haileybury

84. Map: North Cobalt business section, 1921

85. Ville Marie dock

86. Haileybury wharf

87. Cobalt Public School

88. Lynn haulage tractor, Silver Centre

89. Cobalt business advertisements

90. Frontier Mine staff, Silver Centre, 1922

91. Florence Whitney, LakeView Avenue, North Cobalt

92. England's Bakery, New Liskeard

93. New Liskeard business advertisements

94. Temiskaming farm field

95. Englehart T.&N.O. station

96. Cobalt business advertisements

97. Map: west end of Browning Street, Haileybury, 1922

98. View from Haileybury hospital across Georgina Avenue

99. Lakeshore Road fire scene, New Liskeard October 4, 1922

100. Haileybury Public School

101. Haileybury High School

102. Haileybury T.&N.O. statio

103. Ferguson Avenue-Main Street intersection ruins, Haileybury, October 5, 1922

104. Ferguson Avenue ruins, Haileybury October 5, 1922

105. Ferguson Avenue ruins looking west from former site of Alex MacLean's studio, Haileybury

106. Ferguson Avenue ruins looking south from former site of Alex MacLean's studio, Haileybury

107. Liggett store and Main Street ruins, Haileybury

108. Piche boat in better days

109. Haileybury dock ruins

110. Haileybury Main Street ruins

111. Hudson Bay Mine, Cobalt

112. Holy Cross Cathedral ruins

113. Map: path of October 4, 1922 fire

114. Tough-Oakes assay office

115. St. Joseph's College, North Cobalt

116. Assumption Convent ruins, Haileybury

117. Emergency Union Bank office, Haileybury

118. Fire relief truck load

119. Emergency post office, Haileybury

120. Haileybury relief station, foot of Probyn Street

121. Haileybury Court House and Registry Office

122. Relief Station bulletin board and policeman, Haileybury

123. Armouries, Haileybury

124. Court House, Haileybury

125. Fireman Gervaise Sutherland funeral, Haileybury, October 8, 1922

126. Jimmy Elkins' butcher tent, Presbyterian church ruins in background, Haileybury

127. Doing business in streetcars, Haileybury, PA 54983

128. Judge Henry Hartman

129. Judge Gordon Haywood

130. Streetcar home, building a side porch, Haileybury, PA 5497

131. Streetcar home, Methodist church ruins in background, Haileybury, PA 54974

132. Insulated streetcar home, Public School ruins in background, Haileybury, PA 54985

133. Food and fuel supplies arrive by boat at Haileybury dock, late October 1922

134. Looking cast from Amwell Street-Ferguson Avenue comer, Haileybury, October 27, 1922

135. Looking west up Main Street, Haileybury, October 27, 1922

136. Cobalt silver mines' production, 1904-1922

137. Cobalt mines' dividends and bonuses paid to December 31, 1922

138 Haileybury ruins viewed from T.&N.O. tracks, Georges' lone house