Temiskaming Treasure Trails 1923-1933

Temiskaming Treasure Trails
1923-1933 Vol. 7
by Peter Fancy

From all parts of Canada railways have carried food and clothing to comfort south Temiskaming's 1922 townships. But most of all Temiskaming District further matures to help its fire sufferers rediscover their lost hopes. At the same northern time, though, Cobalt's legendary silver veins are shrivelling empty and the old camp's miners are following other Precambrian roads to golden Porcupine and Kirkland Lake. And while the promise of Rouyn gold turns into wealthier deposits of copper, Temiskaming prospectors rush on to distant finds at Red Lake, Patricia and Long Lac.

author Peter Fancy

Left with two thirds of their 1922 town levelled, Haileybury's haggard people must mortgage their building futures. Nevertheless, within four years this District Seat can fully perform again its master of legal ceremonies role.

But not so high as before do Haileybury's steeples poke above Lake Temiskaming. And bone-thin among their piles of broken rock, Cobalt's shafthouses are falling flat. Yet, slowly stretching, New Liskeard's farming roots swell ever stronger within their deep belt of furrowed clay.

Writing of the 1908 Lake Temiskaming shoreline, Anson Gard spoke of "when New Ontario shall have been made a separate province, those who have a way of looking into the future ... make of New Liskeard and Haileybury one great city, with the capitol buildings on that magnificent site that lies between the two." But twenty years after this prophecy, Canada's financial world drags Temiskaming down into a bottomless depression where unemployed people stagger across pot-holed Tri-Town streets, and weed wild trees sprout over the 1930s land where cities might have been.

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1.Haileybury relief houses, Amwell Street west, 1923

2.North Cobalt church, LakeView Avenue, 1923

3.Frontier Mine's staff house, Silver Centre

4.New Liskeard Juniors, championship hockey team, 1923

5.Haileybury waterfront, May, 1923

6.Model T car wintering at Frontier Mine, Silver Centre

7.Nipissing Central Railway timetable, 1923

8.Dr. James Mackintosh Bell

9.Cows wandering among mine buildings

10. Russell Liscumb, at south stable-end of View Street house, Haileybury

11. Silver Shipments, Cobalt area, 1923

12. Miners

13. Map of Northern Ontario hydro-electric plants

14. Temporary school building, Latchford-Foster street comer, Haileybury

15. Anita Cahill with parents, Cobalt, 1905

16. Governor General Lord Byng & Mayor Armstrong, Cobalt, 1924

17. Curtiss HS2L flying boat, Haileybury

18. Angliers, Quebec

19. Cobalt Street

20. Siegfried Atkinson, Toronto street

21. HS2L flying boat, Haileybury dock

22. Louis Cohen and Dan Willan's houses, LakeShore Road, Haileybury

23. Meteor steamship on Lake Temiskaming

24. Fort Temiskaming, 1925

25. Oblate Mission, Narrows, Lake Temiskaming, 1920s

26. Haileybury business section, 1925

27. Lorrain Consolidated Mine, Silver Centre

28. United Church family christenings, North Cobalt

29. HS2L six passenger Flying Boat, operated by Northern Air Service Ltd. Haileybury

30. Silver Producers, 1925

31. Silver Shipments, 1925

32. Prospectors on the trail to Red Lake

33. Prospectors on the trail to Red Lake

34. Mining Recorder's office, Red Lake, 1926

35. Rouyn City, 1926

36. Rouyn City, 1926

37. Rouyn City, 1926

38. Rouyn City, 1926

39. Lady Minto Hospital, New Liskeard

40. Haileybury aerial view, May, 1926

41. Fred Amott's Kipewa River-Lake Temiskaming lodge

42. New Liskeard view

43. Haileybury Hotel, stock certificate

44. Bellellen Mine, Silver Centre

45. Bellellen Mine bunkhouse, Silver Centre

46. Silver Producers, 1926

47. Nipissing Central streetcar, LakeView Avenue, North Cobalt

48. Broadway Theastre, Nottie's taxi stand, Wood's barbershop, Haileybury

49. Georgina Avenue north, Haileybury

50. On the wharf, Haileybury

51. Ferguson Highway, Temagami Reserve

52. Armstrong Street bridge, New Liskeard

53. Route number 13, Ferguson Highway

54. Englehart bridge, Flighway #11

55. Ronocco Hotel, Temagami

56. Bear Island, Temagami

57. Tittensor store, Cobalt

58. Map of Ferguson Highway

59. Cobalt Public School classroom, 1928-1929

60. Patricia Airways plane

61. LakeShore Road-Florence Street north, Haileybury

62. Cobalt Square, PA-C37577

63. New Liskeard view

64. Browning Street view west, Haileybury

65. Map of Red Lake Mining Division

66. NCR operators, Quinn and Anderson

67. NCR operators, Lloyd MacMillan and Bert Normandy

68. NCR operators, Tommy Curie and Bill Parks

69. Nipissing Central Railway streetcar ticket

70. Cobalt Square

71. Major Cunningham -Dunlop's husky dog

72. Northern Ontario Power Company organization chart

73. Cobalt business section, 1928-1929

74. Grandview Ave. and Cobalt St., Cobalt, NA-86946

75. New Liskeard Fire Department

76. New Liskeard Kiwanis presentation of car

77. New Liskeard Beach, May 12, 1929

78. Lang Street, Cobalt

79. George T. Smith, T.&N.O. railway pass

80. Swimmers at Haileybury

81. Armistice Day - New Liskeard

82. Prospector Harry Holland, Grassy River

83. Matabitchuan transmission line, South Lorrain

84. New Liskeard Alerts

85. Dickson's Creek washout, June 26, 1930

86. Dickson's Creek washout, June 26, 1930

87. Fishing party on Montreal River

88. New Liskeard view west

89. Rosemary Smith and Haileybury friends

90. Haileybury, 1930

91. Haileybury view, 1930

92. Cliff top houses, Cobalt

93. Haileybury lime-kiln, 1930

94. Map - Quebec mines

95. Cobalt Lang Street bridge being built, 1931

96. Cobalt High School football team

97. Cobalt Mines Hospital

98. New Liskeard view - Wellington Street

99. New Liskeard business section, 1930

100 Mining School and High School, Haileybury

101. Robert Gamble's Brewster Street House, Haileybury

102.Haileybury Lumber Company yard, Kirkland Lake

103.Haileybury, 1932

104.Mowat's Landing, Montreal River

105.New Liskeard Alerts

106.Marten River tourist camp, Ferguson Highway

107.Temagami village, 1932

108.Canadian Chess Championship, September, Haileybury, 1932

109.Haileybury Chess Club, March 2, 1931

110.North Cobalt public school class, 1932

111.Haileybury Garage

112.Old mining plant, Young-Davidson Mine, Matachewan

113.Hollinger crew at Young-Davidson Mine

114.Weldon Young, Jack Davidson, Matachewan

115.Mine rescue truck

116.Casey Summit Gold Mines, Summit Lake, Patricia district

117.Empty ore car, Cobalt siding, Public Archives PA 86948