Temiskaming Treasure Trails 1923-1933

Temiskaming Treasure Trails
1923-1933 Vol. 7
by Peter Fancy

With the price of silver at a record low, Silver Centre in 1934 has disappeared and Cobalt's mines will relentlessly continue closing. Until only one old-time area silver producer survives in Gowganda.

Yet a leap in the price of gold does have Porcupine and Kirkland Lake exploding with energy. And the discoveries of Matachewan become mines while Larder Lake finally reveals its golden hiding place.

Skeletal schemes and make-work relief handouts barely sustain Temiskaming's unemployed. But when another World War pays soldiers a confident wage their money begins to flow into stores, factories, new jobs and more pockets. Fewer skilled people, however, stay to do the daily work. And rationing shrinks their bread as food, clothing, lumber, metals must go to fight the war. Then it ends. And Temiskaming's pulse can heartily beat again.

author Peter Fancy

The 1945 Tri-Town beat is strong. New Liskeard plans a new hospital and a community centre. Haileybury's mining school promises jobs for returning war veterans and Leo Gough's Northern Ski Club scheme for the old King Edward property beside Cross Lake will bring a tourist use to Cobalt's broken hills. But mining men are also following Leo's Mayfair Mine truck to the southeast Keewatin diabase corner of Coleman township: where rumours persist of silver-cobalt discoveries which could bring the old Cobalt camp back to Tri-Town working life.

And here ends my Temiskaming Treasure Trails attempt to revive a sense of our northern past.

Passionate Tri-Town pioneers first sang of Temiskaming, in voices so strong they often fought for solo parts. Yet over the years a neighbourhood sense of common choir emerged. And like the winds over Lake Temiskaming the old towns are still gathering closer together in harmonious strength, sharing a future they originally made possible for all of northeastern Ontario. May the Tri-Town voice grow stronger still!

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1. William Glennie Nixon

2. Shepherd-Morris Matabitchuan River landing place

3. Jonasons' Montreal River landing house

4. Isaac Bonin

5. Nancy Bonin (Joliooeur)

6. Bonin's homestead house

7. Pete Bonin's family

8. Montreal River bridge

9. Matabitchuan schoolhouse

10. Matabitchuan Settlement view 1934

11. Montreal-Matabitchuan map area

12. John Y. Smith

13. Old Fort Temiskaming, Lake Temiskaming

14. Cobalt's T.&N.O. station grounds

15. First orchestra in Cobalt, 1933

16. Elin Oslund, daughters Esther and Vera, Nat Oslund

17. Neil Oslund, daughter Edna, Gunhild Oslund, daughter Lillian, Thor Nilsen

18. Swedish Church, Swedetown, 1915

19. Shipping mining equipment up the Montreal River from Elk Lake to Matachewan

20. Mclsaac-Kennelly buses, McGuire's garage, New Liskeard

21. Elizabeth Whitney

22. St. Joseph's College, North Cobalt

23. Bush planes at Haileybury airport

24. Doug McDonald's aircraft at Haileybury airport

25. Noice's drugstore, Haileybury

26. Bill Tuer, Campbell Atkinson, Barbara Tuer, Ted Atkinson, 1935

27. Trenching a surface vein

28. Bob Hennessy and dog team, Reamsbottom Street, Haileybury

29. Bear Island Hudson's Bay Company post, Lake Temagami

30. Haileybury Public School grade 2 class, 1937

31. Swastika T&N.O. station grounds

32. Roza Brown, Kirkland Lake

33. Roza Brown's last Government Road stand, Kirkland Lake

34. Alert, steamboat, Lake Temiskaming PA-112-633

35. Haileybury tennis courts

36. New Liskeard looking north

37. Alco Hall, Montreal River, 1926

38. Haileybury Golf Club

39. Cobalt Street, Cobalt

40. Temagami boat docks, OAC-2960-515933

41. Thornham and Tripp families, Cobalt

42. Cobalt Street churches, Cobalt

43. New Liskeard beach

44. Cobalt Square

45. Silver bullion, Nipissing Mine lease

46. Fishing at Mattawapika Falls

47. Park Royal, Lake Temiskaming

48. Ella, Alert Beaver, steamboats

49. Log booms, Lake Temiskaming

50. Fort Temiskaming, 1939

51. Main Street, Haileybury, 1905

52. New Liskeard Beach Park

53. New Liskeard Beach Park raceway

54. Government Road West, Kirkland Lake

55. O'Brien Mine tramway to Mileage 104 mill

56. Mileage 104 map, 1939

57. Lakeview Avenue, North Cobalt

58. Haileybury Rotary Club members' picnic, Mud Lake, 1939

59. Strand Theatre staff, Haileybury, 1940

60. Northern Nash Motors, Cobalt, 1939

61. Giroux Lake Public School

62. Haileybury dock area

63. Wabis River at New Liskeard

64. New Liskeard Beach

65. Forestry Company at Haileybury Armouries

66. Sunnyside Tourist Camp

67. Magistrate Atkinson, Haileybury Courthouse

68. New Liskeard cadets marching to Haileybury T.&N.O. station

69. New Liskeard cadets marching to Haileybury T.&N.O. station

70. New Liskeard cadets marching to Haileybury T.&N.O. station

71. Haileybury Public School class, grade two, 1940

72. George Kennedy, New Liskeard

73. Whitby's Pharmacy, Haileybury

74. Robertson's Garage fire, Cobalt, 1933

75. Algonquin regiment tent camp, New Liskeard Beach Park

76. Algonquin regiment tent camp, New Liskeard Beach Park

77. T.&N.O. train 47

78. Cobalt town view

79. Installing electrical plant at Miller Lake-O'Brien Mine, Gowganda, 1914 v

80. Haileybury High School and Mining School staff and students, 1942-1943

81. New Liskeard, Wabis River mouth

82. Airplanes at Haileybury airport

83. Haileybury High School

84. St. Paul's Haileybury boys' choir

85. Haileybury, Ferguson Avenue looking south

86. Haileybury, Ferguson Avenue looking north

87. Prospectors' and Developers' Association meeting, Hotel Haileybury

88. Snowmobiles, Farr Avenue, Haileybury

89. North Cobalt boys on ski trek

90. New Liskeard Victory Chorus

91. Joseph and Mary Isherwood

92. Haileybury High School bums, February 14, 1945

93. Haileybury High School bums, February 14, 1945

94. Haileybury High School ruins

95. Whitewood Avenue, New Liskeard

96. Provincial Institute of Mining advisory council, Haileybury

97. Ausic Mine, and Silver Cliff mill, Cross Lake

98. New Temagami boat docks

99. Fort Temiskaming, 1945

100. Mining School, Haileybury

101. Northern Ski Club, Cross Lake