Gilles Depot ~A Temiskaming Journal

Gilles Depot
A Temiskaming Journal
by Peter Fancy

From its earliest years of Matabanick fur trading and portage days, the Gilles Depot story moves through shanty camp cutting times when the Gilles Brothers Company harvested its Montreal River timber limits. In 1903, the same year when Temiskaming & Northern Ontario (TNO) railway workers were exposing silver at Cobalt, Gilles Depot was taking shape at the ancient Matabanick Trail departure point on the Montreal River. In 1904 provincial surveyors mapped the new Township of Coleman.Peter Fancy The railway company placed a section house at the Depot site, then a railway station. Gilles Company started a public school which would last for thrity years. Prospectors scoured the surrounding bushfor minerals. The Booth Lumber Company built a barking plant upriver. And once completed in 1928, the province's Ferguson Highway brought tourists and permanent settlers to what was becoming known as Gillies.

During the Great Depression the federal government built a full-scale airport next to the depot lands. After World War II, mine owners from Cobalt built a refinery smelter nearby. And a new section of provincial highway improved the opportunity for local commerce.

Covering roughly the area that was once the timber limit controlled by the Gillies brothers, the community of Gillies survives with a background rich in history. Playing a notable role, teacher Rose Cookson held sway in Gillies--small rural school, her association with this community and its families spanning more than one generation. Buildings and people came and went as lumbering operations and railway activities shaped the Gillies way of life from 1895 through the twentieth century, but throughout the years a core of pioneer names in Temiskaming can be traced to an early existence in Gillies. This book is hardcover, with one of Peter Fancy's paintings adorning its front cover.

The Gillies Depot journal story continues. Having made an indelible mark on its part of historic Temiskaming, the community of Gillies still beats to the hard-won pride of its Depot days.

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Table of Contents




IOf first things 1

2.When warm winds come - 1903-1906

3.Glimpse the smooth hours - 1907-1909

4.How the grass was bent - 1910

5.The days are never darkened - 1911-1913

6.Whirled in the autumn winds - 1914-1915

7.And still they sing - 1916-1920

8.A long cloud swells - 1921-1926

9.The edge of shade and shine - 1927-1929

10.The pine cones opened and blew - 1930-1931

11.Blow the seeds on the air - 1932-1933

12.Trees fill the air - 1934-1935

13.Rooted to earth - 1936-1939

14.A white frost sunrise -1940-1943

15.The hills hold the day - 1944-1949

16.The branches spread - 1950-1959

17.Beneath the leaves ferns revive - 1960

18.Beyond the beginning




1Turnor's map, 1787

2.Lac des Quinze Depot, 1895

3.Lac des Quinze Depot, 1895

4.Gillies brothers' families

5.Montreal River bridge at Lower Notch, 1900

6.Gillies Limit - Matabanick Trail, 1895

7.Gillies Depot, Montreal River, 1908 - view from west

8.Gillies Depot, Montreal River, 1908 - view from west

9.Gillies Depot map, 1905

10. Gillies shanty camp headquarters, Bay Lake, 1906

11. Gillies shanty camp headquarters, Bay Lake, 1906

12. Gillies' logs, Montreal River mouth, spring, 1906

13. John A. Gillies' new hilltop house, 1907

14. Depot sleep camp fire, 1908

15. Austin Gillies' Depot house being built

16. Gillies Depot field of oats

17. Gillies Depot cabbage patch

18. Gillies Limit shanty camp

19. Gillies shanty camp cook and "devil" helper

20. Gillies Limit timber dam

21. Squaring timber

22. Shanty camp meal

23. Hauling logs

24. Log dump

25. Log slide

26. Montreal River rapids

27. Juliette boat

28. Gillies Depot, Mud Lake boathouse

29. "Home Sweet Home"

30. Gillies Depot transport

31. Gillies Depot transport

32. Gillies Depot stables (background)

33. Dema and Janet Gillies stroll between Depot office and cookery

34 Pet deer Billy Bounce by Depot cookery

35. Austin Gillies' boat on Mud Lake

36. Elsie Ross Gillies, riverside houses In background

37. Lulu Yeoman. Depot office and cookery In background

38. Morning T.& N. 0. train steams by, Depot railway station to viewer's left of locomotive

39. Dema Gillies with son Norman at Depot hilltop house

40. John A. Gillies to viewer's right, Dema on toboggan by hilltop house

41. View west from Depot hilltop

42. Gillies Depot map, 1909

43. David and Martha Gillies (David to viewer's left, Martha second from the right)

44. Austin Gillies, Depot office behind

45. Jessie Gillies

46. Jessie Gillies with baby David at their Depot house

47. Peter and Mary McCulloch, seated in front row to viewer's left

48. Gillies Depot, winter scene

49. Jessie and Derna Gillies skating on Mud Lake (Jessie in white sweater)

50. John A. Gillies' house and steps

51. T.& N. 0. snowplow

52. Joseph, Margaret, Ethelbert Martin, 1920

53. Gillies Depot office

54. Rose Maurine Cookson

55. Rosanna and Edward Ladouceur

56. Harry Seguin and Alfred Amos on front porch of Austin Gillies' Depot house, 1924

57. Harry Seguin and Alfred Amos on front porch of Austin Gillies' Depot house, 1924

58. Alcohall-Gillies Depot, Basses Ate party, August 12, 1924

59. Enid Amos

60. Viewer's left to right: William, Ethelbert, Joseph and Margaret Martin, Pickerel Lake stove wood pile, 1926

61. At Amos' Gillies Depot house, 1926 (Gillies Brothers' former office to viewer's left, cookery to the right)

62. Gillies area map, 1926

63. Enid Amos, Wm. F. Fancy, Marie McLaughlin, Alfred Amos, Gillies Depot, 1927

64. Enid Amos' Essex roadster

65. Tom, Mary and Alson Underwood at West Cobalt

66. Amos tea party, Thyra Fancy, Gillies Depot, 1928

67. Amos' Gillies Depot house, 1929

68. Irish wolfhound Paddy and Jimmy Amos, Gillies Depot

69. Rose Cookson with Alfred Amos, Jim and Alan Amos, Gillies Depot, 1930

70. Rose Cookson with Jim and Alan Amos, Gillies Depot, 1930

71. Silas and Mary Cook, 1913

72. First car in Rouyn-Noranda, 1924

73. Charles Hill Burton

74. Cooks' Gillies house

75. Dan and Albertine Cote, 1925

76. Edward Ladouceur, 1930

77. Amos' Gillies Depot house

78. Gillies Aerodrome map, 1932

79. Gillies Depot Schoolhouse, Rose Cookson's house to viewer's left

80. Gillies children's party at Amos house, 1933 (Rose Cookson's house, Depot Schoolhouse, Gillies Brothers' office in background)

81. Gillies settlement map,1933

82. Gillies government airport cookery at viewer's right, from Arnos house

83. Alfred A. Amos, Wm. F. Fancy, Bill, Jim and Alan Amos, 1934

84. Dan Cote with dog Prince at his Gillies house (airport clearing in background)

85. Blanche and Adelard Leonard, 1925

86. Amos house, Gillies Depot, 1935

87. Adshead's Gillies Lake house, 1936

88. Grandview Inn and Cabins dining room, Fairy Lake

89. Lionel (Leo) Leonard

90. The Cook family, Gillies, 1938. Back row: Eleanor, Silas, Mary, Thelma Cook and Joseph Airhart. Front row: Stanley, Earl and Emmett Cook

91. Amos' house, Gillies Depot, 1935

92. Gillies Airport map, 1938

93. Gillies Depot, 1938, ground impressions of airport bunkhouse and cookery

94. Southbound train at Gillies Depot

95. Marie Ann and Raoul Perron

96. Alfred Amos, to viewer's left, in King Edward Mine offices, Cobalt, 1907

97. Gillies settlement map, 1939

98. Anita Cote and brother Dan at Gillies Road house; Bedard house in distant background, 1940

99. Burtonville Camp, viewer's left to right: Charlie Burton, Silas Cook, 1940

100.Cole family at Mud Lake, 1939 123

101.Adshead family, Gillies Lake, 1940

102.Deneige (Jean) and Lionel (Leo) Leonard at Mud Lake, 1941

103.Luke Ladouceur, Simone Ladouceur, Anita Cote, Gillies Road, 1941

104.Silas Cook's Gillies house and barns, 1940

105.Plebicite Day voters at Gillies Depot School, 1942. Viewer's left to right: Florence Adshead, Helena Cole, Nora Funnel, Edgar Adshead, Muriel Watts, Clara Coxen, Blanche Leonard

106.Charles Hill Burton letter

107.Albertine Cote with son Dan at Gillies, 1942

108.Tom Funnell

109.Noe and Adeline Lauzon

110.Bob and Clara Cameron

111.Viewer's left to right: back row - Doris and Phyllis Cameron, front row - Sally and Barbara Cameron at Gillies Depot, 1943

112.Olive and Jack Custance

113.Jack Underwood at Mud Lake, 1942

114.Gertrude Underwood at Mud Lake, 1942

115.Ivan, Ervin, Ernma, Beverley Berry at Kirkland Lake, 1940

116.Silas Cook, Howard (Bud), Ervin. Emma Berry, Mary Cook at Silas' Gillies house, 1941

117.Berry boat and tractor

118.Viewer's left to right: Ervin Berry, Tom Funnell at Clement property, 1944

119.Eleanor and Mel Eno

120.Paul Oblin Sr. and family. Viewer's left to right: Paul, Bernadette, Paul Jr., Rita, Jeanette and Maurice at Cobalt, 1944

121.Ladouceur children: Rita, Simone and Claude

122.At Frank Clement's house. Emma, Bud and Ervin Berry, dog Butch, 1944

123.Burtonville Camp. Viewer's left to right: Silas Cook, Charlie Burton

124.Threshing at east end of Custance land. Viewer's left to right: Louis Bigras, Silas Cook, Ervin Berry, Henry Bigras, Leo Bosselle, Art Bosselle and Bud Berry, 1944

125.Frank Clement's house, Bud Berry and Frank's dog Terry, 1945

126.Arthur Cole at Timmins

127.Walter Cole, to viewer's left

128.Frank Clement's barn, Bud Berry astride Nellie, Doc the white horse, looking southeast, 1945

129.Albertine Cote and children, Anita, Dan and Hector, at Gillies Road house, 1945

130.Arthur Villeneuve and horse Nellie at Clement's barn, 1945

131.Horses Jim and Doc hauling logs across Montreal River, Ervin and Bud Berry on sleigh, 1946

132.Berrys' new Francouer office building house

133.At Dave Kennedy's. Viewer's left to right: back row - Dave Kennedy, Grif Griffith, Tom Funnell, Barbara Cameron, Eleanor Funnell, unknown; front row - Ivan Funnell, unknown, Betty Smith holding girl with doll, Shirley Funnell

134. Nora Funnell with children, Eleanor, Ivan and Shirley at Dave Kennedy's, 1946

135.Henry and Rebekah Funnell at Dave Kennedy's, 1946

136.Conway's Cabins

137.Viewer's left to right: Fernande, Roger, Blanche, Andre, Frances, Adelard, Jean Leonard at Mud Lake, 1947

138.Gillies settlement map, 1948

139.Coleman Council meeting, 1949

140.Silanco smelter, Gillies

141.Front east side of Silas Cook's Gillies house, 195 1. Viewer's left to right: back row - Iva Cook, Earl Cook holding Vernon, Emmett Cook, Margaret Cook holding Bill; seated - Mary Cook; front row - Ronnie, Carol, Alana, Beverley Cook

142.Alma and Napoleon Lalonde

143. Amos wedding, Rose Cookson guest, Toronto, October 8, 1952. Viewer's left to right: Joan Mills, Bill Amos, Joyce Amos, Nelson McDougall, Rose Maurine Cookson, Enid Amos, unknown, Isobel McDougall, unknown

144. Jean Leonard with horse, Old Tom, at Mud Lake

145.Leonard house, Mud Lake

146.Rose Ladouccur, Gillies, 1956

147.Bay Lake, Latchford, August 1954. Viewer's left to right: back row - Peter, Jean, Gordon Bogart. Front row - Paul Bogart

148.McEwens' Gillies house, 1955

149.Victor Oblin, 1954

150.Rechin building, Cobalt

151.Alson Campsall, Gertrude Greenwood

152.Gordon Bogart, August 1951

153.Jack Underwood, Bill Campsall

154.Pollard Press, finger sign

155.New Highway Book Shop sign, 1960

156.Kenty's Shell Service Station, 1961

157.Kenty's restaurant

158.Newest Book Shop sign. Shoup house to right, 1962

159.William and Margaret Martin, 1950

160.Dr. H. A. Dunning and wife Margaret

161.Highway Book Shop, original McEwan house to the right, garage to the left, 1963

162.Paul Bogart and Byron Pollard on roof

163.Jean Pollard, Paul Bcgart, Peter Bogart, Douglas Pollard, July 18, 1964

164.Gillies Depot section house ready to move, 1965

165.Gillies Depot section house at 22 King Street, Latchford, 1966

166.Aerial view of Gillies Highways 11 and 11B intersection from the west, 1968

167.Blanche Leonard

168.The Cooks: Eleanor, Thelma, Earl and Stanley, 1970

169.Aerial view of Gillies Lake from south end, 1968

170.Jean and Douglas Pollard, Highway Book Shop, 1975

171.Highway Book Shop, 1975

172.Former Leonard farmhouse site at Mud Lake, 1996

173.Alex and Flossie Fraser's house, 1998

174.Berry's Gillies house, 1998

175.Creek inlet, Montreal River; Booth barking plant ruins in background, 1936

176.Highway Book Shop, 1999

177.Lois and Douglas Pollard, 1995