Boston Creek ~ Golden Echoes of an Ontario Mining Camp

Boston Creek
Golden Echoes of an Ontario Mining Camp
by Peter Fancy

Northern Ontario has had so many mining camps come and go. Their existence hardly seems credible in today's complexity of government regulations. And the idea of settlement frontiers in our increasingly urbanized world is fast becoming unimaginable.

author Peter Fancy

Like other northern mineral discoveries Boston Creek first grew at the province's frontier of mining development. Understandably once the mines ran out of ore and closed, the miners left to find work elsewhere. And the communities they left shrivelled. And in some cases disappeared. For the young the mining camp was a place where much happened until you found another place with more. But if a mine lasted long enough older people found comfort in the set ways of a camp and deep pleasure in its familiar landscape.

Boston Creek people faced the inevitable loss of jobs and left to find others. Yet the depth of pleasure they had enjoyed in Boston Creek lands never wore away.

Compared to its heyday years not much remains of Boston Creek today. With its own identifiable character the camp boasted of the Miller Independence, Barry-Hollinger, Gold Hill and copper rnine producers. The T.& N. 0. operated a permanent railway station here. Children went to the village school. Stores of all sorts flourished. And all seemed right with the times - until they ended.

This Boston Creek book means more than a romantic impression of times past. It records a people busy with their lives and generously strong in their enduring pride.

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