From Romance to Reality Stories of Canadian WW II War Brides

From Romance to Reality
~Stories of Canadian WW II War Brides
Peggy O'Hara

During two world wars, thousands of Canadian servicemen married British and European girls. Although the majority came from the British Isles, they all became known as "war brides," a name detested by many and hardly appropriate for those who arrived in Canada with one or more children. Nevertheless, they were unique.

Romance to Reality is the story of the war brides of World War II who came to Canada from Britain and Holland. It is a collection of stories told by the war brides themselves. Some are happy. Some are sad. But they are shared for the purpose of understanding what happened to uproot them from their homes where they were surrounded by friends and family and bring them to an unfamiliar, sparsely populated country where they faced many hardships.

Peggy O'Hara, the editor of this book, and herself a war bride, now lives in Ridgetown, Ontario, with her husband. Previous to this move in 1971, she had lived in Montreal and worked for the Sun Life Assurance Company. Besides writing stories for Early Canadian Life, articles for the London Free Press, children's stories and poetry, she is the pianist for the Mary Stevens School of Dance, teaches piano, and is a cast member of the Ridge Players, performing Broadway musicals.

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The War Brides Today 290

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