The Complete Set


The trilogy delightfully depicting the realities of living in the Temiskaming area after the Great Fire of 1922 from the standpoint of a young child. This trilogy never breaks 'voice' and takes the reader through a truly difficult era through the eyes of this child. Autobiograpical and containing many pictures and sketches of this well-known area artist, the trilogy is captivating.

If I had read these first as representative of "Can Lit" it would have made finding Canadian authors and their books a higher priority, much sooner than actually happened.

The Cold Wind in Winter

The Cold Wind in Winter is the first book.

The Pleasant Summer Sun

The Pleasant Summer Sun is the second book.

The Sunset and the Morning

The Sunset and the Morning is the third book.

The well-known author, artist, and illustrator, Muriel Newton-White, who has touched so many hearts with her children's books, writes a series of enchanting narratives to reflect her nostalgic memories of childhood in the 1930s. The first ten years of her life were spent living in a Toronto streetcar that had been sent north to provide emergency shelter after the Great Fire of 1922. These books share with you the adventures and hardships endured during that period as seen through the eyes of a child, growing from about five years of age through to eight.

We have a limited number of these three books, and the offer for the complete set will last until we can no longer make up the sets. Purchased individually these three titles would total $29.85 without shipping and HST. By purchasing the three books at the same time, you save $2.50/book, save even more on shipping and HST.