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Claybelt Memories 4 cover

Claybelt Memories
Stories from Past Generations
Volume 4

After the success of our Claybelt Chronicles project of interviews with seniors of the area, we started to realize that we had missed some of the stories of the previous generations. Although many of them had passed on, fortunately some of them had written memoirs which were generously shared with us by their families.

In addition, starting in 1992 the Little Claybelt Homesteaders Museum had interviewed several seniors and their stories have also been included in this book. The lives of some had been documented by family members, an organization, or the Temiskaming Speaker. Still others were found in the Womens' Institutes Tweedsmuir histories.

This book is a collection of some of these stories. Our thanks go to the many authors for helping us to capture this past for future generations.

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ISBN: 978-1-989293-02-7 | WMPub#1218 | 8½" x 11"
198 pages; 222 photos; trade paperback | $30.00

Table of Contents

3  Introduction

6  Bailey and Field Families of Beauchamp and Armstrong Townships

10  May Alexandra Ball

12  The Bass Family

22  Beatty and King Families

26  Briggs-Chrysler Family

32  Out of the Past (by Mrs. T. N. Briscoe)

35  The Brodericks

37  Jean Irene Brown

37  My Mother's Memories (The Brown Family)

43  Early Settlers of New Liskeard

45  Clippings Of Early Settlers To New Liskeard Area

46  Byberg Farm 1943 To 1992

56  Canning Factory

58  The Carleton Family

60  Frank Coutts

62  Thomas Cragg

65  David Alexander James Roger Dunn

70  Dunn Family Pioneer Days in Temiskaming

73  Harry or H.M. (Harold Melbourne) Edwards

76  Food Supply on the Farm at the Northern Power Colony on the Matabitchuan River

81  Forrest Family

83  William Henry Foster

91  Haddow Family

97  Hager Family

106  Village of Highland

107  Winter in The Northlands (Poem)

110  Pioneer Days in Temiskaming

115  More Pioneering Stories in Kerns Township

118  Yearbook 1935 - 1936 U.S.S.# 3 Kerns And Armstrong

  121  The History Of Two Schools

129  Percy Leggett

132  Uncle Fred Newlove

  136  Where are my Friends? (Poem)

141  Three Generations of the Paddon Family in New Liskeard

143  William Humphrey Perrin 1859-1920

146  Butter Making

148  Nellee Reid

151  The Thwaites Story

155  Time No Object

157  A Big Blow on Lake Temiskaming

160  School Days by Elsie (Logan) Tucker

163  Rim Lake Farm -Harris Township

168  The Veleys

172  Village of Milberta

187  Index