Mining in Temagamicover

Mining in Temagami
A History of Discovery, Development and Production
by Dustin Roy

This book collects and records the information of past mining activities throughout the Municipality of Temagami in Northeastern Ontario, Canada. He has done a tremendous amount of research on the camp's mining history and has visited many of the abandoned mine sites described in this book. Out of the 38 mine sites described in this book, 36 of them were derived from the Abandoned Mines Information System. This is an online database provided by the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines that documents over 5,000 abandoned and inactive mine sites in Ontario.

Dustin Roy is a historian who grew up and resides in the historic Temagami Mining Camp, one of the most prolific mining regions in North America. He hopes to spread his knowledge about the Temagami Mining Camp and to re-ignite interest in the area that may have been forgotten over the generations.

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104 pages; 1 overall map, 8 diagrams, 74 photos (most in colour); trade paperback | $24.95

Table of Contents

Mines Map

1 Introduction

Part I

7 Acana (Granite Lake) Prospect

7 Barton (Net Lake) Mine

11 Beanland (Clenor; Goodfish; Perron) Mine

15 Big Dan Mine

19 Billfeld Prospect

20 Brochu (Hermes Pits) Prospect

20 Canada-Thomas Prospect

21 Copperfields (Temagami) Mine

35 Coppersand (Hardie) Prospect

35 Cummings Lake (Eagle Rock) Mine

Part II

40 Cuniptau Silica Deposit

40 Danlou Prospect

41 Friday Creek Prospect

41 Gosselin (Aldage) Mine

43 Halkin Prospect

43 Hermiston-McCauley (Cominco) Mine

47 Island 364 (Aubay) Prospect

47 Kanichee (Ajax; Cuniptau; Trebor) Mine

52 Krefeld (Austin Bay) Prospect

52 Lahay Prospect

Part III

54 Leckie (Little Dan; Manitoba and Eastern; Penrose; Sterling) Mine

58 Northeast Belfast Prospect

58 Norrie Prospect

58 Northland Pyrites (Harris; James Lake; Rib Lake) Mine

64 Obabika Prospect

64 O'Connor Prospect

66 Oslund-Hurst Prospect

66 Priest (Cross Lake) Mine

68 Prosco (Aubay; Wright; D'Eldona) Prospect .

68 Prosco North Prospect

Part IV

70 Roosevelt Quarry

70 Sey-Bert Prospect

70 Sherman Mine

80 Strathy Basin Prospect

80 Temagami (Keevil) Prospect

81 Temagami-Cobalt Mine

81 Temagami-Lorrain Mine

81 WKT Prospect


82 Glossary

94 References

100 Credits