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Where The Stories Are As Tall As The Headframes
by Helene Culhane

Helene has always considered herself a historian of sorts and this experience has really brought out the love of writing that she has always enjoyed.

Looking back on the storytellers in this book makes one realize how much can change in a heartbeat. Twenty years later, as we reprint these lovely stories, we can't help but realize how many of these souls are no longer here to tell them.

We are all aware that so many stories remain untold and she wanted to prevent that to some degree, putting the memories into print to continue passing them down to the next generations. Our youth sometimes think that what is now, has always been and some have no concept of what it was like to live in the earlier years of the 1900s when their little town was so much more. This experience was an eye opener for them.

Publisher's note:
I took a liking to this book solely from the title. That has never happened in 400+ books we have published. As it turned out the stories were all true, not exaggerations. Oh well. They are fantastic enough on their own.

What we did get were fascinating insights into the heart of this incredible town from the people who refuse to call anywhere else home. As a recent import to the town, I can truly attest to all the statements about Cobalt being warm and welcoming like nowhere else I have ever been. I pray it never changes.

Deborah Ranchuk

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Table of Contents

3 Dedication

4 The Cobalt Song

10 Introduction

13 Fun Growing Up in Cobalt

13 Lucille (Audette) Kingston, Chelmsford

14 Terri Culhane, Toronto

14 Al Haarala, Cobalt

15 Rick Damiani, Cobalt

16 Brandon Pickard, London

16 Al Haarala, Cobalt

17 Helene Culhane, Cobalt

18 Rick Pickard, Cobalt

18 Marie Shoup (Cuillerier)

19 Trevor T. Higo, Batchawana Bay

20 Darryl Lalonde, Sudbury

21 Helene (Scully) Culhane, Cobalt

22 Al Haarala, Cobalt

24 Marg Bradford, Cobalt

25 The Miners Festivals

25 Helene (Scully) Culhane, Cobalt

26 The Miners Festival, As told by Shelly Moore

27 People Who Made A Difference

27 Bruce Lonsdale, As told by Trevor T. Higo, Batchawana Bay

28 Graham Hooper, Town Barber, As told by Darryl Lalonde, Sudbury

29 Dr. Dunning, As told by Benny Stewart, New Liskeard

30 Father Costello, The Tattered Soul, As told by Al Haarala, Cobalt

32 Doctor Arnold, As told by Tina Arnold, Submitted by Jane Green

32 About Charlie, As told by Nancy Whelan

35 Paul Hermiston, Staking a Claim, As told by Donald McGugan, Cobalt-Coleman Public School Principal (1950s and '60s)

38 Remembering the Fires

39 Helene (Scully) Culhane, Cobalt

41 Mary Conti, Cobalt

42 Madeleine Scully, Cobalt

43 Louise Boucher, Cobalt

43 Rick Damiani, Cobalt

44 Claire (Bélanger) Brown, Cobalt

46 Rick Culhane, Cobalt

47 Christine (Labelle) Gurlitz

49 Cobalt Flavour

49 Cobaltonian, As told by Oliver Blanchet, Cobalt

49 Old Faces, New Lines, As told by Nancy Whelan

52 Cobalt&emdash;The Best Old Town, As told by Conrad B. (Connie) Corville, Cobalt

53 The Music Man, As told by Sally Smith Cameron, Nepean

55 Radio station CKMC On The Air, As told by Nancy Whelan

57 Those Memory Banks, As told by Nancy Whelan, 1999

59It's in the Mail, As told by Donald McGugan, Cobalt-Coleman Public School Principal (1950s and '60s)

60 C.B.C., As told by Donald McGugan, Cobalt-Coleman Public School Principal (1950s-1960s)

61 "Please pull my tooth" As told by Ron Bolger, Haileybury

62 Mine Hazards, As told by Leo Dagenais

62 Field and Frederick Flowers, As told by John Flowers

63 Dr. Dunning, As told by Walter Frackleton, North Cobalt

64 Lawrence Audette

64 Lise Audette

64 Frieda Brunette

64 Harold Brunette

64 Snowstorms of the Past

65 Harry Buckler, Cobalt

65 Robert Burns

65 Helen Burton, Cobalt

65 Mary Cambray

65 Mary Conti

66 Cecile Frackleton

66 Harold Joanis

66 Theresa Joanis

67 Claire Labelle

67 Eddie Labelle Senior

67 Rita Marcella

67 Ruth McGarry

68 Rody Morin

68 Kevin O'Flaherty, Kenora

68 Margaret O'Flaherty, Kenora

68 Edna O'Gorman

68 George O'Gorman

68 Gisele Pickard

68 Jackie St-Laurent

68 Robert St-Laurent

69 Madeleine (Villeneuve) Scully

69 Ivan Tresidder

69 Jean Tresidder

69 Don Thompson

69 Vivian Thompson

70 Joe Tittonel

71 Lawrence Audette, Cobalt

71 Seniors Remember

72 Lise Audette, Cobalt

73 Claire Brown, Cobalt

76 Frieda Brunette, Haileybury

79 Harold Brunette, Haileybury

80 Harry Buckler, Cobalt

82 Robert Burns, Cobalt

85 Helen Burton

88 Mary Cambray, Cobalt

89 Mary Conti, Cobalt

91 Cecile Frackleton, New Liskeard

93 Walter Frackleton

94 Harold Joanis, Cobalt

95 Theresa Joanis, Cobalt

95 Rita Marcella, New Liskeard

98 Ruth McGarry, Cobalt

100 Claire (Audette) Labelle, Cobalt

101 Eddie Labelle Senior

102 Rody Morin, Haileybury

103 Kevin O'Flaherty, Kenora

104 Margaret O'Flaherty, Kenora

105 Edna O'Gorman, Haileybury

106 George O'Gorman, Haileybury

107 Gisele Pickard, Cobalt

108 Jackie St-Laurent

110 Robert St-Laurent

112 Madeleine Scully

115 Vivian Thompson

116 Don Thompson

117 Anna Tittonel, Cobalt

120 Joe Tittonel, Cobalt

124 Joyce Todd, Cobalt

125 Ivan Tresidder

126 Jean Tresidder

127 Tom Bélanger, Interviewed by Claire (Bélanger) Brown

129 Marie-Louise Bélanger, Interviewed by Claire (Bélanger) Brown

132 Nettie Wallman, Cobalt, ON

134 Being a Cobalter

134 Lawrence Audette

134 Lise Audette

134 Grace Brooks

134 Claire Brown

134 Frieda Brunette

134 Harold Brunette

135 Helen Burton

135 Mary Cambray

136 Mary Conti

136 Cecile Frackleton

136 Rita Marcella

137 Ruth McGarry

137 Rody Morin

137 Gisele Pickard

137 Madeleine Scully

137 Anna Tittonel

138 Joe Tittonel

138 Joyce Todd

138 Ivan Tresidder

138 Jean Tresidder

138 Sylvie Chartrand, Cobalt

139 Helene (Scully) Culhane, Cobalt

140 Geri Conroy, Cobalt

140 Cindy (Churchie) Charbonneau

141 Rick Pickard, Cobalt

141 Rick Damiani, Cobalt

141 Walter Frackleton, North Cobalt

141 Rose Kostello, Haileybury

142 Cobalt and Coleman Businesses and Buildings Through the Years

151 Cobalt/Coleman Mines

153 Index