The Winter Men III

The Winter Men III
At The End of The World
by Brit Griffin

Life after climate catastrophe is a dystopian nightmare.

Brit Griffin's series The Winter Men wraps up as Johnny Slaught tangles with new Talos strongman Eton Love over who the future belongs to: the people and the land, or the same old capitalist profiteers. With a slim promise of spring on the horizon, megalomaniac Love is gearing up for a cut and run replay of business as usual, and that means grabbing the wealth that lies within the Wintermen's territory. But the forests, deep snows, and wolves, have a different idea about the fate of the northern landscape. Caught between these two powerful forces, Slaught and his community must now decide which side they're on. Can they salvage a liveable future from the winter-swept remains of the planet, or is human greed just too powerful?

Brit Griffin co-authored a non-fiction history (We Lived a Life and Then Some: The Life, Death and Life of a Mining Town, (Between the Lines, 1996) that was listed as a must-read on the 2011 CBC Cross-Country Check-up Summer Reading list and remains a favourite resource on Cobalt history. For ten years she ran an independent magazine (Highgrader Magazine) on rural and resource-based communities. She received two American Catholic press awards for her writing on family life, and has worked as a freelancer in print, video, and radio. Griffin currently works for Timiskaming First Nation, an Algonquin community in northern Quebec. She lives in Cobalt with her husband, and is the mother of three daughters.

Previous books The Winter Men and The Winter Men II are also available here.

ISBN: 978-1-98898-24-2 | WMPub#1333 | 5½" x 8½"
310 pages; trade paperback | $22.95