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by André Maheu

Poor Gabby.

He doesn’t know how to stop talking. He keeps finding himself in situations that should be devastating and yet manages to somehow keep going, even benefitting from them. I think they call it falling upwards.

Set historically in New Liskeard of 1916 through 1918, Gabby is a fictional character interacting with real people of that time. He winds his way through New Liskeard and World War I, meeting many famous people of that time with hilarious results.

It’s one of those books that you don’t want it to end.

What people are saying about Gabby

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What People are saying about Gabby

Jiggs Gough

I just finished reading André Maheu’s book, Gabby. I found it a very well researched account of the events and prominent military and political figures of World War I. He portrayed life in a small town that had seen their sons go off to war with stars in their eyes as well as the horrors of battle and life in the trenches. The story is fast moving and has many humorous moments as he develops his characters and the situations in which they find themselves.

Kilby Hickling was my uncle and his death in France late in the war (September 1, 1918) was a tragedy from which the Hickling family never recovered. Andre’s character Gabby feels that devastation acutely. Kilby’s sister, Annie, (my Auntie (Annie) Floyd) ) was a real person too and I love the way he portrayed her. He was diligent in his research here as he was in They Stepped into Immortality. He spoke to several of the family at length about her and wanted pictures of her to understand her character and then give it a lovely interpretation of his own.

I found the developments of the hockey league very interesting. I didn’t know about that part of the history although I had read about our troops playing other sports in England before they were sent to the front. Hockey is so integral to Canadian culture I’m sure many will be interested in that part of the book.

I feel Gabby is poignant, fast-moving yet historical story that will be enlightening for anyone who reads it.

Carol F. Maheu-Grenier:

Gabby! Definitely, this book deserves a 10/10. A must-read! The author knows how to captivate his reader right at the very beginning of his novel. The story is splendidly woven and the twists and turns are unexpected and surprising. The characters are endearing and their characteristics are very well described. The plot is superbly controlled in my opinion. It is credible, interesting, exciting, quirky, and original. It is necessary to relate the literary work to its historical, political, cultural and social context. The reading of the novel is very fluid. The vocabulary is simple to understand. A book that touches, moves, takes us on a journey and transports us back in time. I can say that I greatly enjoyed reading this novel and I am looking forward to the sequel!

Marg Harrison

I loved Gabby!! A story that kept me spellbound from page one to page to page 392. As you know Deb, I speed read, so on reaching the end, I had to reread Gabby a second time to absorb the details I missed.  Being a Tri-Town gal, so much was of interest to me but the historical facts of Gabby's time served in World War One were so life-like, I felt that I was there!!

Fast moving, comical, heart wrenching, historical, political; oh, the list going on!! Andre's Gabby out shone many an author I have read and as you know I am a reader. Kudos to Andre for an excellent 'story' and waiting for his next book!!!

Table of Contents

3 Dedication

7 Preface

10 Map of New Liskeard 1916

Part One “Endings"

13 Chapter 1: Preparations

29 Chapter 2: Attestation

46 Chapter 3: The Big Idea

61 Chapter 4: Awakening

79 Chapter 5: Hickling’s Farewell

100 Chapter 6: The Gift

Part Two “Hockey Star – Wars”

106 Chapter 7: Training

123 Chapter 8: The Mascot

137 Chapter 9: Camp Borden

154 Chapter 10: The Team Assembles

172 Chapter 11: The Puck Drops

191 Chapter 12: The Game Goes On

212 Chapter 13: Winds of Change

Part Three “Redemption”

234 Chapter 14: In The Fray

259 Chapter 15: Opportune Encounters

284 Chapter 16: ‘Dummkopf'

309 Chapter 17: Up In The Air

Part Four “Beginnings”

328 Chapter 18: The Cost Of War

346 Chapter 19: Homecoming

366 Chapter 20: Full Circle

387 Epilogue