Nipissing 96 Puzzle

Nipissing 96
by George Cassidy

About the George Cassidy Puzzle Series

The Cobalt Historical Society is excited to present this puzzle, part of series featuring the artwork of Northern Ontario artist George Cassidy.

George Cassidy (1909 - 1988) was an important artist, educator, illustrator, thinker, and writer, who spent many years living and working in Cobalt and the surrounding region. His work exemplifies, and contributes to our understanding of, a particular time in a particular Canadian place: Northeastern Ontario during the World War II era.

The George Cassidy Puzzle Series uses images selected from the myriad paintings by Cassidy treasured by local museums, galleries, and collectors. This painting, from a private collection, features the Nipissing 96 headframe that once overlooked Cart Lake in Coleman Township.

WMPub#2997 | 23.4" x 16.5" finished size; 504 pieces | $30.00

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