A Different Time Among the Northern Cree

A Different Time Among the Northern Cree
by James Scanlon

A Different Time Among the Northern Cree recounts the life of the author Reverend James Scanlon and his family among the Cree First Nations of Northern Quebec and James Bay. The story begins in the remote inland village of Nemaska, Quebec in 1953 and continues for the next forty years to its sequel in Kingston, Ontario. Depicted is a way of life now gone, but rich in relationships that last forever.

James Scanlon and his wife

James Scanlon grew up in Geraldton, Ontario, a mining town in the territory of the Ojibway Indians. He worked in gold mines and pulp camps, served briefly in the army and then went on to Queen's University, Kingston and Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto. Married and ordained in 1955, he and his wife Doris served for a dozen years in the Diocese of Moosonee. They have a daughter, Jane, and a son, Peter, both born at Opemiska, Quebec among the inland Cree.

James Scanlon has had articles published in the Northland the Diocese of Moosonee Quarterly magazine. His previous book, Letters From James Bay, was published by the Highway Book Shop in 1976.

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Photographs in this book

14 Horden Hall, Indian Residential School, Moose Factory, circa 1953. The General Synod Archives, Anglican Church of Canada

15 St. Thomas' Church interior after painting by John Faries and Fred McLeod (see story on pages 114-115)

19 Alice Scott.

19 Bob Scott.

20 Lake Nemaska, circa 1953

20 Nemaska

22 Nemaska in summer.

22 Summer house

23 Junior Class.

23 Senior Class.

24 The School House

24 Janie Jolly (centre) and friends.

25 Pre-schoolers. (Note: rabbit skin coat)

25 Georgie.

26 The author's tent, Nemaska.

30 Going to church.

30 The tent church at Nemaska.

31 Billy ringing the church bell.

32 Sam.

33 Billy Wapachee and the author outside the church tent at Nemaska, Quebec, 1953.

34 Nemaska, 1953.

34 Luke.

35 Hand-planing lumber for the church.

36 Billy Wapachee building the church at Nemaska, 1953.

36 First corner post for the new church.

37 Sawing logs by hand with a pit saw.

37 Billy squaring a log

38 St. George's Anglican Church, Nemaska, a work in progress, 1953-1954.

39 St.George's Anglican Church, Nemaska.1953-1954

40 The Point.

41 Nemaska men outside the H.B.C. store.

42 Cree mother and child

43 Summer canoe maintenance.

44 Lake Opemiska, 1961.

49 Main Street, Chapais, 1958

51 Cree dwelling in Opemiska (Chapais), 1957.

54 Lake Doré Chief James Miànscum and his niece Hattie, circa 1959.

57 Lake Doré, circa 1963. Left to right: Rev. Elliot Sheppard; Rev. James Scanlon; Isaiah Awashes, catechest at Mistassini; Chief Isaac Shecapio, Mistassini; Bishop Neville Clarke.

59 Mission House at Opemiska (Chapais), 1958.

59 St. Albans's, Chapais, 1958

62 The author on Lake Waswanipi.

62 Waswanipi Cree.

62 Rev. John Gull and Waswanipi wedding.

64 Waswanipi village, 1958. St. Barnabas the Apostle Church is the third building along the path.

64 Mistassini, June 10, 1965. Left to right: Rev. John Gull, Chief Smalley Petawabano, Rev. Jack Watson. The Chapais Mission truck is loaded with the Rev. John Gull's belongings on his move to Mistassini from Waswanipi. Photo includes Jim Watton, Rev. John Gull, the author, and author's wife & daughter Jane. Elliot Sheppard is in the background. John's Gull's family is in the truck.

65 Waswanipi young people at St. Barnabas Church, 1960

65 Rev. Harry Cartlidge, Waswanipi missionary, circa 1914

66 Building Christ Church, Chibougamau. An enthusiastic Sunday morning group, circa 1959. Back left to right: Edna Philipps, Peter Wiseman, Hanns Jacobson, Tom Carter, Lillian Carter, Charles Taylor, Norma Wiseman, Ron Brown, Roy Pitcher, Brian Hewitt, Mrs. Brian Hewitt. Sitting among the children are Bunny Krause and Mike Penfield.

66 Building Christ Church, Chibougamau, circa 1959.

66 Air transport, circa 1940.

69 Pilot Reg Phillips and the author off to Mistassini, winter of 1959.

69 Mistassini, circa 1950.

69 Running the rapids, Waswanipi River, crica 1920.

72 Old Hudson's Bay store at Mistassini, 1957. (Note: wind charger)

72 St. John the Evangelist, Mistassini, 1958. (Note: new bell tower)

73 Mistassini men, summer 1958.

75 St. John the Evangelist, Mistassini, 1960. (Note: alteration to steeple)

75 St. John's, Mistassini, circa 1975. Left to right: Isaac Shecapio, catechist; Rev. Redfern Louttit; Ronnie Loon, catechist. (photo credit: Agnes Louttit)

76 The author at Mistassini, 1957

76 Mission House, Mistassini, 1958.

77 Mistassini catechist Johnny Wapachee and wife.

77 Mistassini women, 1959. (Note: Chief's log house with flag)

79 Mistassini girls. (Note: hat with ribbons)

84 Fred and Mary Cooke with daughter Cathy, Chapais, 1958.

84 Christ Church, Chibougamau.

87 Christ Church in winter, circa 1960.

88 Rev. Grant Ward, Moose Factory.

88 Junior girls, Horden Hall.

89 The old Parish Hall (centre) and mission buildings, Moose Factory. The General Synod Archives, Anglican Church of Canada, circa 1900

90 Children outside the old Parish Hall, 1967.

92 Moose Factory looking north from flag pole, circa 1910. Archives of Ontario, S2500

95 Mina and Jane going to school, Moose Factory, September 1965.

96 Fr. Framboisie and the author at Eastmain.

99 Pupils in front of the Indian Residential School at Moose Factory, circa 1930. Archives of Ontario, S11503, Acc. 6500. Back row, left to right: Willie Iserhoff, Gaius Sutherland, Clarence Corston, Bobbie Louttit, Jimmy Echum, Mary Allisappi, Annie Sailors, Sophia Solomon, Mr. Ray (Factor of Hudson's Bay Co.), Rev. Canon H.S. Cody, Premier Ferguson, Col. H. Cockshutt, Lieut. Gov. of Ontario & Col. Frazer. Front row, left to right: Roddy Echum, Roderick McDonald, Bill Turner, Fred Davey, James Chum, Gilbert Faries, Oliver Chum, Nellie Allisappi, Hilda Mark, Minnie Iserhoff, Evandne Solomon, Winnie Iserhoff, Edith Davey, laura Chum, Elsie Louttit, Mrs. Griffin. The two girls in white: Lizzie Shagahaskiskum, Dollie Mark.

104 In front of Horden Hall. Back row from left: Rev. John Wesley, Rev. David Wooler, Rev. James Merry, Rev. James Scanlon. Front row from left: Rev. Grant Ward and Rev. John Gull.

109 Captain Jim Faries, Senior catechist at St. Thomas' Church, August 1968

109 Three fine catechists of St. Thomas' Church. Left to right: Old John Fletcher, Andrew Faries, Joel Linklater.

107 The ice road across the Moose River from Moose Factory to Moosonee, by artist Cecil Dunn.

110 The Cree choir, with Rev. Charlie Locke and wife Marjorie, at Fort George, circa 1969.

112 One of the Retreat Singers from Arkanas.

113 The Catechist School at Horden Hall.

116 St. Peter, the church bus.

117 Sunday morning at St. Thomas' Anglican Church, August 1968.

117 St.Thomas' Anglican Church. Back row from left: Joel Linklater, Grant Ward, Andrew Faries. Front row from left: Mrs McLeod, Mr. & Mrs. John Sutherland, Hannah Loon.

119 St. Thomas' Anglican Church, Moose Factory. (Note: St. Peter, the church bus.)

122 These spruce bark wigwams were erected at Moose Factory in 1967. Sketched by artist, Cecil Dunn.

127 Sonny Orr and Bruce Morrison, Pageant performers, Moose Factory, 1967.

127 Jane and Cree friends, Centenary Pageant, 1967.

129 Granny Tomatuk cooking bannock on a stick in a spruce bark wigwam.

131 The Rev. George Daley at Eastmain.

132 The train wreck.

137 Clergy, Catechists and friends at Miquelon in 1968. St. Michael & All Angels Church was built the previous year.

137 Moose Factory Scouts and helpers harvesting firewood for the Jamboree.

138 Old St. Thomas' Anglican Church, Moose Factory, 1949.

141 Cree staff and residents at Geaganano, Kingston. Far right: Clara Conn, Administrator. Geaganano is a large residence for Cree patients from Moose Factory.

142 Left: Clara Conn, Administrator of Native Health Care in Kingston. Right: Annie O'Conner, Custodian of Geaganano.

147 Moose Factory Scouts in Kingston. Scout Master Harris Glen is at far right. The author at back.