Claybelt Memories

Claybelt Memories
Stories From Previous Generations

After the success of our Claybelt Chronicles project of interviews with seniors of the area, we started to realize that we had missed some of the stories from the previous generations. Although many of them had passed on, fortunately some of them had written memoirs which were generously shared with us by them and/or their families.

In addition, starting in 1992 the Little Claybelt Homesteaders Museum had interviewed several seniors and their stories have also been included in this book. The lives of some had been documented by family members, an organization, or the Temiskaming Speaker. Still others were found in the Womens' Institutes Tweedsmuir histories.

This book is a collection of some of these stories. Our thanks go to the many authors for helping us to capture this past for future generations.

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ISBN: 978-0-9864785-9-8 | WMPub#7963 | 8" x 11"
176 pages, trade paperback | $30.00

Table of Contents

3 Introduction

6 Alexander Family

8 Allen, Melville 'Mountain Mel'

10 Barnard Family

13 Barr, William James

16 Bolger, Patrick P.

19 Brooks, Charles Edward and Family

25 Brown, John A.

29 Brown, Thomas Edward and Family

31 Bucknall, John

32 Burnett, Charlie

34 Bush, Edith (née Bray)

38 Campsall Family

40 Thomas Chester Family

43 Craven, Percy Randolph P. R.

46 Dumond Family

49 Dymond, Alfred Hutchinson

50 Charles Edwards Family

51 Farah, Kalil Pete

54 Farlinger, Fraser

74 Fowler, George

75 Greenwood, Blanche (née Frisby)

76 Greenwood, Charlie

77 Grills, Mabel (née Grills)

78 Houston, Dorothy May (née Burnes)

81 Jelly, Beulah (née Mick)

83 Jibb, Edna M. (née Aitchison)

88 Jibb, Joseph Melville

92 Kerr Family

93 Kosmack Family

94 Lavery, Rachel O. (née Fowler)

95 Love, Sarah Ellen

98 Marsland Family

100 McKelvie, Don

104 Remembrances of Dr. John D. McNaughton

111 Newton-White, Muriel

114 Nixon, William Glennie

117 Peckover Family

119 Peters, Arnold

121 Pirie, Earl

132 Pringle Family

133 Proud, Annie Mary (née Snider)

136 Sawford-Dye, Ernest

138 Scott, Margaret Jane (née Barr)

141 Semple Family

151 Louis Spencer Family

153 Sternberg (Cook)

154 Swartz, Emma Ann 'Annie' (née Morrow)

157 Tucker, Mary Elsie Clara (née Logan)

164 R. R. Woods Family

166 Woods, Lorne Leonard

168 Index