Claybelt Tapestry

Claybelt Tapestry
Weaving the Past
Volume 2

This book is a collection of little-known or forgotten happenings, endeavours and businesses in the early South Temiskaming District. Many businesses or institutions are no longer with us, and so documenting their existence provides a unique view into the area's history.

Knowledge of many of these little-known or forgotten happenings, endeavours and businesses in the early South Temiskaming District is now only remembered by a ever-decreasing number of seniors. The files of the Temiskaming Speaker were invaluable in chronicling some of these activities.

No attempt was made to re-write some stories. The Fire of 1922 is covered extensively in the book The Great Fire of 1922 [ISBN: 0-88954-413-1]. Northern Telephone's history is covered in Northern Calling [ISBN: 0-09699418-0-3]. The T&NO Railway has been documented in various, more-extensive histories such as: The Northern Connection: Ontario Northland Since 1902 [ISBN 0-921801-83-1]; and A Century of Travel On The Ontario Northland Railway [ISBN 0-9730521-1-2].

The Museum has shared what we know so that many of these stories are not totally forgotten. Any corrections or additional information can be sent to the Museum, where we can keep the documentation together, preserving our past as accurately as we can.

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ISBN: 978-0-9921605-1-7 | WMPub#7968 | 8½" x 11" | 120 pages; perfect bound | $30.00

Table of Contents

Included in this volume are:

6 ZPG-2 U.S. Naval Blimp

9 Calamity Gulch

13 Carter's Speedway

16 CFS Ramore

19 TB Christmas Seals

21 Cobalt's Royal Exchange / Fraser Hotel

27 Curfew Bell

30 Fillingham's General Store

33 Haileybury IODE (Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire)

36 Haileybury Jail

47 Splint Factory, New Liskeard

48 Hill's Lake Fish Hatchery

52 H.M.C.S. New Liskeard

53 Liskeard Woollen Mills

55 Mink Farming

59 Mugwump - Tessie - Lake Temiskaming Monster

61 New Liskeard College of Agricultural Technology

65 Temiskaming Music Festival

67 New Liskeard Beach Grandstand and Racetrack

70 New Liskeard Ski Hill

75 New Liskeard Water System

79 New Liskeard Yacht Club

81 New London

83 Newspapers in Temiskaming

88 Shepherdson Casket Works

90 Sunnyside

93 Temiskaming Agricultural Office

95 Temiskaming and Hudson Bay Mining Company

97 Temiskaming Producers Co-operative

102 Three Boys - One Pair of Skis

102 Kenneth Kearney, James McAuley and William Stoughton

103 Timiskaming Professional Hockey League

105 Uno Park Lamb Fair

107 Volunteer Womens Auxiliary Drivers Corps

108 White River Mail Line

111 Windsor Hotel, New Liskeard

113 A War Story