Northern Calling

Northern Calling
The Northern Telephone Story 1905-1995
by John R. Hunt

A history of the first ninety years of Northern Telephone's history.

Referenced from Minute Books, periodicals, company newsletters, local histories as well as interviews with employees, this book covers the earliest days when Temiskaming was pioneered for its farmland, logging and mining industries.

ISBN: 0-9699418-0-3 | WMPub#7981 | 8½" x 5½"
120 pages; hard cover | $15.00

Table of Contents

1 In The Beginning

2 Early Competition

3 Technology and Money

4 Lines Are Drawn

5 Financing The Growth

6 Rapid Expansion

7 War Years

8 A Rebuilding

9 A New Name

10 Negotiating The Future

11 The Busy 1930s

12 The War And After

13 Into The Northwest

14 Growing Pains

15 Continued Expansion

16 Bell Gains Control

17 The Digital Decade

18 Employee Relations