Stepping Towards Joy

Stepping Towards Joy
A Life in Changing Times
Mary Lois (Williams) Pollard

She wrote this book at the request of a family member. When she was a young woman she had her fortune told by palm reading. It was said that she seemed to be seeking her way but that eventually her life would work itself out in three phases. As it happened the prediction seemed to be right. The first phase was her childhood on a Southern Ontario farm; the second was her departure from home and family into a wider world of scholarship and profession;Lois Pollard the third her happy marriage and move to Temiskaming.

This book covers the first two phases in depth. The third phase has been extensively covered in her earlier book entitled Highway Book Shop-Northern Ontario's Unexpected Treasure. One might say that a retirement is her fourth phase but since she has remained in Temiskaming she maintains this is still part of that pleasant third phase. "My life now seems to belong here."

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ISBN: 978-1-927541-48-7 | WMPub#8051 | 8½" x 11"
256 pages, trade paperback | $37.95

Table of Contents

5 Setting The Stage

7 Chapter 1 Heritage

10 Chapter 2 My Grandfather, John Aikman Williams

22 Chapter 3 My Grandmother, Ann Eliza Daniell Williams

27 Chapter 4 Emerging From The Frog Pond

34 Chapter 5 My Parents, Sidney and Maude Read Williams

47Part One "My name is Mary…"

48 Chapter 6 My Arrival, Mary Lois Williams Pollard

57 Chapter 7 My Early Years

64 Chapter 8 Childhood

78 Chapter 9 Pattern of a Farm Yard

90 Chapter 10 A Medley of Farm Family Faces

99 Chapter 11 School

108 Chapter 12 The World Outside

119 Chapter 13 More Of The World

126 Chapter 14 Middle Years

138 Chapter 15 Technological Advances

147 Chapter 16 Teen Years

159 Chapter 17 Growing Up

167Part Two "My name is Mary Lois…"

169 Chapter 18 University

180 Chapter 19 Struggles With A Changing World

184 Chapter 20 Early Adulthood

196 Chapter 21 Questioning Lifes Purpose

208 Chapter 22 Getting On With It

221 Chapter 23 A Profession and Travelling

231 Chapter 24 Further Travels

237 Part Three "My name is Lois…"

239 Chapter 25 Marriage

247 Chapter 26 In Summary