Forty Years of Memories

Forty Years of Memories
The Rod Inglis Memorial
Steam & Antique Show

Page after page of pictures to memorialize the fortieth anniversary of this unique show: 389 photos actually.
The Table of Contents below just barely scratches the surface of the rich diversity captured in photos for the 40th anniversary of this unique show held the third weekend of July annually.

ISBN: 9781927541258 | WMPub#8075 | 8½" x 11"
172 pages, 389 photos, trade paperback | $25.00

Table of Contents


7The History of the Steam Show

9The First Years

13Early Exhibitors

15Other Exhibitors

19The Antique Auto and Truck Club

21Reminiscences by Andy Poupore

21My Tractors

22The Poupore Ranch


23Matheson Museum

23Englehart Museum

24Swastika Historical Society

24Earlton Machine Club

25The Steam Crane

25Temiskaming Historic Auto Society

26Kerns Central Lions Club

27New Liskeard Lions Club

28Hudson Lions Club

29Earlton Lions Club

30Charlton-Englehart Lions Club

32The Steam Show Song (1976)

33Steam Show 1980

39Automated Slab Saw

41Steam Ditcher

43The Arrival of the Steam Crane

48Dedication of Name

49Exhibitors, Vendors and Volunteers

49Alan and Muriel Honsinger

50Andre Boileau

51Andrew Poupore

52Arnold McKale

53Arnold and Judy Surtees

54Art and Jean Bennett

56Brian Inglis & Family

58Bud Colquhoun

59Cathy Poupore

58Charles Catt

61Charlie and Joan Young

62Dave and Gayle Orange and Family

65Claire Boileau

66Clement and Jeanette Lemay

67Dan Credger

68Dick Jones

69Dorothy Knight

70Dorothy May Houston

72Don and Pam MacKenzie

73Ed and Vi Tucker

74Ernie Griese

75Florence Dudgeon

76Francis Cowell

77Harold and Elizabeth Hie

79Harold Hodder

80Harold Leaton

81Hartley Houston

83J.D. MacPherson

84Jack and Edith Byerlay

85Jerry Miller

88Jim Stevens

90Jim Walther

91Joe Fanning

93John Calvert

95John and Cory Hager

96John and Sharon Jarvis

98Ken and Barbara Dawson

109Ken White

113Larry and Gail Gagnon

115Lionel Venne

116Lawrence Jibb

117Leo Cloutier

119Leonard Tucker

120Lise Cloutier

121Maurice and Diane Credger

122Mike Hartling

124Mike Poupore

125Norm and Debbie Demers

127Randy Sorenson

128Robert Leveille

129Robert and Ethel Purbrick

130Robert Wates

131Rod, Brian, and Doug Inglis

133Ron Kramp

134Ted Josefowich

138Tracy Barbe

139Wayne Nelson

140Willing Workers

142Entertainment Over The Years

144Face Painting



146Wagon Rides

147Square Dancing

148Ike and Mike

151The River Road Cloggers

152Leather and Lace Line Dancers

153Childen's Play Area

154What Is It?

155Musical Entertainment

159Food Booths

159Inside Food Concession

160Taylor's Chip Stand

161New Liskeard Lions Club

162Poppa Jim's Honey

163Donuts By Leukerts

164Cars, Trucks, and Tractors over the Years

164Antique And Classic Cars

168Antique Tractors

172Thank You