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Creating a Positive Work Environment
by Gisèle Chrétien

Gisèle Chrétien condenses her thirty years of experience in education, health and community development to share the lessons she has learned for effective and positive leadership. She states "Leadership is not about you, yet it is all about you."

"In a compact practical way, Leadership makes sense. While geared to the work environment, the principles are easy to understand and can be applied to a wide variety of situations in every-day life. A book well worth reading and using."

Composed of three sections: Creating the Right Environment; Nurturing the Environment; and Reaping the Benefits, this book contains the essential ingredients to great leadership with examples and helpful hints to assist potential and new leaders in a very practical way.

Gisele Chretien

Gisèle Chrétien was born and raised in Northern Ontario. She served as President of Collège Boréal from 1998 to 2006, as well as having served as Dean of Community and Health Services, Director of Health Services, and Faculty member at Cambrian College in Sudbury. She has also served as Chair of the Board of Directors, Sudbury Regional Hospital, Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of TVO, was a member of the Higher Education Council of Ontario and Board member for the Sudbury Food Bank.

Currently she is Chair of the Ontario French-Language Educational Communications Authority and Board member of the Greater Sudbury Economic Development Corporation.

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Table of Contents

6 Introduction

Part 1 Creating The Right Environment

11 Chapter 1 Leadership

21 Chapter 2 It's All About the People

24 Chapter 3 It's The Little Things That Matter

27 Chapter 4 Communication

35 Chapter 5 Trust

38 Chapter 6 Influence

41 Chapter 7 Empowerment

44 Chapter 8 Power

48 Chapter 9 Respect

51 Chapter 10 Be Human

55 Chapter 11 Continuous Learning

Part 2 Nurturing The Environment

61 Chapter 1 Principle-Based Leadership

63 Chapter 2 Values, Vision, Goals and Strategic Planning

68 Chapter 3 Culture

71 Chapter 4 Change

75 Chapter 5 Problem-solving and Decision-making

83 Chapter 6 Conflict Resolution

90 Chapter 7 The Team

97 Chapter 8 Delegation

Part 3 Reaping The Benefits

101 Chapter 1 Coaching and Mentoring

104 Chapter 2 Staff Engagement

108 Chapter 3 Performance Management

111 Chapter 4 Recruitment, Retention and Succession

118 Chapter 5 Reward and Recognition

120 Conclusion