Fortune's Fool

Fortune's Fool
by Terry Cassidy

May, 1993: Karen Everett walks into Wally Demchuk's sound editing shop, and his life changes abruptly. Entwined with their romance is Karen's determination to gain compensation for the pain of a loveless marriage, and Wally's decision to prove his love by helping a criminal conspiracy.

However, complications soon elevate the caper into a dangerous game involving murder, double-cross and a desperate struggle to keep love alive in a growing atmosphere of distrust.

Terry Cassidy

After service in the Canadian Army, Terry Cassidy taught secondary school in Ontario for thirty years before retiring and moving to western Canada. He has also written several other novels, with more awaiting their turn to shine.

ISBN: 978-1-4602-6089-0 | WMPub#8090 | 5½" x 8½"
240 pages; trade paperback | $19.95